E-Counseling—Work with a Counselor Online by Phone or Video

E-Counseling—Work with a Counselor Online by Phone or Video

E-counseling, also known as online counseling, is a form of therapy that utilizes distance communication to provide mental health services. These services are led by a licensed professional, just as the traditional in-person counseling approach. One key difference is that these services are conducted online typically via telephone or video conference.

If you’re looking for assistance or guidance in solving a mental health problem or another major life issue, e-counseling is a viable counseling option. You might decide to forego the traditional approach to therapy because you’re sick of the commute, you can’t make it into the office, or you’re simply looking for a more convenient alternative. In any case, e-counseling offers a solution and makes getting mental health help easy.

What Is E-Counseling?

E-counseling enables you to meet with your counselor, therapist, or psychologist via virtual means—oftentimes, these sessions are held over the phone or video chat. Many people are beginning to forego in-person counseling and explore these online options, as they provide utmost comfort and convenience.

E-counseling removes uncertainty and frustration from the equation. You don’t have to worry about sitting in traffic during your commute or rushing out the door to make it to your session on time. As long as you have service or internet connection and a reliable device (e.g., computer, telephone, or tablet), you can attend your appointment from anywhere you see fit. If you feel comfortable attending from your couch, your kitchen counter, or even from bed, we’re all for it. This is alluring to many, but it can prove particularly valuable to individuals who…

  • Can’t commit to traveling to the local counseling office for regular sessions
  • Aren’t able to leave their homes to attend in-person counseling (perhaps due to a physical or mental disability)
  • Haven’t been able to find the right counselor nearby

If you’re searching for e-counseling or you’ve stumbled upon it and it sounds like a good option for you, know that the providers at Thriveworks can provide you with e-counseling over the phone or video.

How Does E-Counseling Work?

If you’re considering online mental health services for individual help or you’re looking into online marriage counseling and couples therapy, e-counseling at Thriveworks can help. You’ll get to choose which service you feel more comfortable with, telephone counseling or video counseling. Both are valuable services and it simply comes down to personal preference or accessibility. Let’s take a closer look at both options, as well as which might be the right fit for you:

  1. What is telephone counseling? Telephone counseling means meeting with your therapist over the phone. They will call you at the time of your session. It’s as simple as that. To get started with this e-counseling option, you simply need access to a telephone, reliable service, and a comfortable space to chat!
  2. What is video counseling? Video counseling is another form of e-counseling that involves meeting with your counselor in a video conference. They will send you a secure video link well in advance, of which you will click at the time of your appointment to join your session. If you’re interested in video counseling, you’ll need access to a computer or another smart device, reliable internet, and again a comfortable space to chat with your counselor.
  3. Which e-counseling option is right for me? As we mentioned before, it comes down to personal preference. That said, if you enjoy that face-to-face interaction you get in in-person counseling, it might be worth exploring video counseling. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer no face-to-face interaction, telephone counseling is probably right up your alley.

Here at Thriveworks, we have a dedicated team of professionals, from counselors to therapists to psychologists and life coaches, all of whom can help you in e-counseling. Or, if you’d like to stick to in-person counseling, we can fill that need too. We’ll accommodate you however we can, to get you the mental health services you’re looking for.

What Are the Perks of E-Counseling? 5 E-Counseling Benefits

  1. E-counseling improves accessibility: E-counseling, or online counseling, enables you to work with a mental health professional from home. This improves accessibility. Unfortunately, some people struggle to find mental health services nearby that suit their needs. But thanks to e-counseling, these individuals aren’t limited to working with a provider in their immediate vicinity. They can work with any counselor or therapist that is licensed in their state.
  2. E-counseling is convenient: E-counseling isn’t just for those who can’t find the right mental health services nearby. It’s also for those who are looking for a more convenient and comfortable approach to counseling. As we touched on earlier, in e-counseling, you can attend your session from wherever you deem fit. If you’re comfortable hopping on your call or your video session from your couch, from your dining room table, or even from bed, you’re more than welcome to. We want you to feel safe and comfortable.
  3. E-counseling offers reliability: E-counseling also offers greater reliability, as you don’t have to worry about running late or having to cancel your appointment due to many of the normal unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., traffic, roadwork, poor weather conditions). As long as your internet is working or you have phone service, then you’re all set to have your appointment.
  4. E-counseling comes with flexible scheduling: Also, in e-counseling at Thriveworks, you can look forward to quick and flexible scheduling. We strive to offer next-day appointments to all of our new clients, and e-counseling helps us better accomplish this mission. Additionally, we can offer flexible e-counseling appointments in the evenings as well as on the weekends.
  5. E-counseling is an effective counseling option: Finally, e-counseling is effective—you aren’t sacrificing any progress you might make in in-person counseling. Multiple studies and surveys have found that e-counseling, or online counseling, is just as effective and favorable as in-person counseling. In addition, some people find it to be even more beneficial, such as those who struggle to open up to their counselor in-person.

E-counseling is a valuable mental health service that could prove to help you improve your life. Thriveworks has both phone counseling and video counseling available. You can schedule an appointment today if you decide to pursue e-counseling.

Does Insurance Cover E-Counseling?

Unfortunately, insurance is a hurdle that many clients struggle with in accessing mental health care. The good news is that most major insurance companies now cover e-counseling services by video. Also, many are starting to cover e-counseling by phone, too! This means that affordability is yet another benefit to add to the list of e-counseling benefits above.

If your insurance covers e-counseling, you can expect to pay as little as your co-pay cost at the doctor’s office. To check that your insurance does indeed pay for e-counseling, reach out to your insurance company. You can find their number on the back of your insurance card. You can also call your local Thriveworks office and ask them to check whether your insurance will cover online counseling. If we can verify that your insurance will cover your session, we’ll be happy to accept the benefits and get you scheduled for an e-counseling appointment.

If, instead, you find that your insurance does not pay for e-counseling by phone or video, don’t worry! Thriveworks has affordable self-pay rates as well. We don’t want insurance or payment to be an obstacle that stands in your way of attaining the mental health services you’re looking for.

Schedule E-Counseling at Thriveworks to Work with a Counselor Online

Here at Thriveworks, we strive to help individuals live better. We want to help you live a happier, more successful life. We set out to accomplish this powerful mission by partnering with exceptional mental health professionals, including counselors, therapists, psychologists, and life coaches. These professionals have demonstrated exemplary skills, completed an extensive training process, and bring ample experience to the table. We are confident that if you decide to work with one of our providers, you will receive excellent care and begin to live better.

If you are interested in pursuing e-counseling, consider setting up an appointment at Thriveworks. We have 100+ counseling centers across the US and we are continuing to expand every single day. Start by finding your local Thriveworks office here. Then, you can look at each counselor’s bio and view their skills, experience, specialties, and more.

Remember: E-counseling is highly accessible. It only requires you to have internet connection (or cellphone service) as well as a device, be it a phone, computer, or tablet. Then, depending on whether you choose phone counseling or video counseling, you’ll simply answer your counselor’s call or jump into your video session at the agreed upon time. If this sounds favorable, schedule your appointment today or reach out to learn more. Either way, we look forward to meeting with you!

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