You Are Important: Prioritizing Self-Care

You Are Important: Prioritizing Self-Care

What is self-care? Why is that important? Two good questions that need answers. Self-care is doing something for yourself outside of your roles; whether it’s being a mom, a wife, a husband, a dad, an employee, or whatever different types of hat you wear throughout the day. Self-care is doing something for you that gives you joy. Think of it this way; can you pour from an empty cup? Self-care is a way to pour back into yourself. Self-care has been viewed as selfish by others because of the lack of understanding.

How can you pour from an empty cup? And if you do not pour into yourself, who will? Ah, I hope those questions get you thinking. Self-care is so important because it prevents us from burnout, or even feelings of resentment. Self-care also reduces stress and anxiety. Have you done something you did not want to do because you were so exhausted and ended up resenting the person you did it for? Yeah, we all could be guilty of that at some point. So, here are some tips and ideas of taking care of yourself:

  1. Taking a bath undisturbed: carving out time to just relax and enjoy taking a bath can help the body and mind decompress.
  2. Doing something with your own set of friends: it could be tempting to always hang out as a couple and there is nothing wrong with that. But going to lunch, getting coffee, or going golfing with a close friend or relative that you want to spend time with could also be refreshing.
  3. Working out: whether it’s going for a walk, hike, or going to the gym, taking care of your physical health also has mental benefits because endorphins (good hormones) get released, which help reduce stress, pain, and induces happy feelings.
  4. Self-affirmation: sometimes we tend to think negative things about ourselves. It could be because we are used to it. So, try starting the day off speaking good things about yourself (the world is harsh enough), or as needed throughout the day. Some quick phrases could be, “I am resilient”, “I can handle anything life throws at me”, “I am strong and courageous”, “I am learning”, “I am doing my best” can help turn the negative thoughts into positives.
  5. Give yourself permission to feel; it means being okay with being human. It is okay to feel hurt, to feel bothered, to feel tired, to feel disappointed, or to feel angry. We all have our own reasons for feeling the way we do. And IT IS OKAY. You are human and your feelings are valid.

There are many other ways to take care of yourself. It is all about finding what works for you, your schedule, and your lifestyle. It also does not have to be extravagant; it does not have to be an all-day thing. It could be as small as giving yourself 20 minutes to have quiet time or even allowing yourself to get a 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. You deserve to spend a little time in taking care of yourself, no matter what that looks like. Because if you don’t do it, who will? You are important, your health is important, and your well-being is important. Prioritize taking care of yourself; it’s not selfish, it is a must.



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