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Which events cause Trauma? What is Trauma?

When people hear “Trauma”, many think of the injured solider returning from battle, a child who has endured physical abuse, or possibly a college student whose handling the aftermath of a rape. These events are absolutely traumatic. What about a son or daughter whose parents recently divorced? Or the teenager that was in a car wreck, the mother who had a miscarriage, the man whose life was altered with a physical injury or the sudden breakup of a loved one? Do these people experience trauma?

Trauma is defined as, “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience”. Any and all of the events listed can be traumatic. Think of trauma on a spectrum of 1-100, with many degrees to it. Then, mix in an individual’s history, tolerance and level of support. This will throw the spectrum completely off! Clearly, the tricky part of trauma is that an event can be traumatic for one person and not another.

If a person experiences the symptoms of trauma, does it mean they are weak? Absolutely not! There are many factors that will impact the severity of symptoms of trauma:

  • The level of support they have
  • The amount of additional stress they are under when the trauma occurs
  • The stress tolerance level they have with day to day events
  • Previous history of traumatic events

What are the symptoms of trauma?

  • Feeling helpless and out of control
  • Anxiety in all areas or specific areas of life
  • Difficult memories resurfacing throughout the day and night
  • Difficult emotions resurfacing throughout the day
  • Feeling disconnected, isolated.
  • Difficulty in trusting others

Trauma causes physical symptoms as well:

  • Sleeping patterns are thrown off. Inability to fall asleep and/or nightmares
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Body aches, Fatigue
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Irritation
  • Fast heartbeat

What can a person do if they’ve had a traumatic event?

Remember any event that is deeply distressing and disturbing can be traumatic. What can be done to help with the symptoms? Will the symptoms go away? These are great questions. Here are some tips to help a person find relief:

  • Exercise – make it fun! Take your dog for a walk, find a You Tube Video to exercise with.
  • Hang out with others – even if you don’t want to! It’s good for you. Many studies and doctors will say, “don’t isolate yourself”.
  • Take care of yourself. Sleep. Eat well. Find ways to relax.
  • Be mindful. Breathe. Experience what you are sensing. Don’t judge yourself.
  • Seek a professional. If you are feeling extreme symptoms or you’ve tried these tips and they aren’t helping – get help.

How can Thriveworks help?

A counselor at Thriveworks can help move people past their trauma – on to living with passion and joy instead of fear and dread. Our providers have experience and training to meet you where you are in your trauma and move forward with you. Call us today to schedule 719-266-3919

What to expect at Thriveworks Colorado Springs:

  • Modern and comfortable offices
  • Appointments are 97% on time
  • No wait list. We can meet with you this week.
  • Enjoy coffee and tea, complimentary
  • Contact your provider outside of sessions
  • Online scheduling
  • We take insurance! Soon! We are currently in the process of this. Please check back to see which insurances we accept.

We look forward to meeting you or your loved one. Don’t endure the pain of trauma on your own. Call us – 719-266-3919.

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