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“It feels like everyone else is moving on with their lives while I am stuck here, in this hole that I can’t climb out of.”

If there is one thing for sure in this life, it’s that we will struggle and not feel enjoyment like we want to at times. These days will come and go; some of the days might drag into months. We can accept this as our “new normal”, struggling through each day, or we can get support. When the struggle lingers and keeps you from fully living your life, reach out to the caring professionals at Thriveworks Colorado Springs Depression Counseling.

When a person’s mood is down, it can be difficult to realize that hope is available. This is where we come into the picture. We want you to know that simply meeting with one of our experienced depression counselors can help you find the hope which has been so elusive. Some counseling centers have you jump through hoops to get an appointment, creating more hassle than is needed. At Colorado Springs Thriveworks Depression Counseling, we will schedule you with a person that is the best fit to address your personal concerns.

Handling depression on your own can be a lonely. We want you to know that you aren’t alone. Over 3 million American adults deal with depression on a daily basis. Although this is a bleak outlook, the upside is that relief can be found through sessions with a professional counselor.

Thriveworks Colorado Springs Depression Counseling hires cutting edge mental health experts who have a variety of specialties. We design individualized treatment plans that will fit your lifestyle, values, family, and unique personality. We want you to thrive!

Why wait? You deserve to feel well, to feel your very best. Positive change is just around the corner. To take the first step, call 719-266-3919 to schedule an appointment. We can meet with you this week, or even within the next 24 hours.

Am I Depressed?

Depression looks different in different people. The one consistent sign of depression is a change in behavior. It’s best to meet with an experienced counselor at Thriveworks Colorado Springs for a diagnosis, rather than self-diagnosing. Other symptoms of depression that some people have include:

  • Low Energy
  • Poor Concentration
  • Isolation
  • Feelings of sadness and guilt
  • Change in appetite
  • Loss of interest in previous passions
  • Irritability
  • Change in sexual drive

Why Should I call Colorado Springs Thriveworks?

Negative feelings can lead to dark thinking and dangerous behaviors. Don’t give in! Call us to make the first step in finding relief. Invest in yourself. You deserve to thrive. We will help.

What to expect from Colorado Springs Thriveworks:

  • When you call to schedule, you will talk with a real person on the phone. You’ll have your choice of morning, day or evening appointments. Even weekend hours! An appointment will be offered to you within 24 hours of calling.
  • Arriving at the office, you’ll first notice our modern and clean waiting room and offices. You may want to arrive early so you can relax, listen to music, enjoy coffee or tea and flip through magazines.
  • Your appointment will begin on time. Your time is valuable! We will respect your busy schedule and stick to our appointed time with you.
  • After your appointment, you’ll have access to your clinician’s email and phone number. Feel free to contact them in between appointments, if needed.
  • Also, did we mention that we take insurance? You pay a lot of money for your insurance and we want you to be able to use it. Currently, we are in the process of getting on insurance panels. We will post updates as soon as we are approved. Until then, we will offer cash pay.

For more information visit:

Call Thriveworks Colorado Springs: 719-266-3919

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

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Becky is a very compassionate, supportive and helpful clinical social worker.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


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