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Congratulations on your engagement! How exciting! I’m sure your mind is racing with a list of things to do and your emotions may be all over the place – a bit scared, nervous, joyful – all mixed up together.

Planning a wedding can be exciting, but also draining and stressful. With so many decisions to be made, it can be tough on anyone in any relationship. Thinking past the wedding, to married life, brings about another set of decisions and changes, which can also create apprehension and stress.

Even the most happy and prepared couples, will find benefit in premarital counseling. Sometimes, a pastor or priest may require counseling before they agree to perform the wedding ceremony. Other times, couples will choose premarital counseling to set themselves up for success. Either way, couples find it helpful.

A Colorado Springs Thriveworks premarital counselor will facilitate a discussion with you and your partner, discussing some the following items:

  • Expectations for household duties
  • Communication styles
  • Religion/Spiritual practices and attendance
  • Finances
  • Children/Parenting and discipline styles
  • Intimacy Expectations
  • Expectations of personal space and time
  • Location and type of home
  • Relationships with family members

This list can be overwhelming! Many of these items will surface in one way or another during the first year of marriage. It’s helpful and wise to discuss these topics in a calm and unrushed manner, so that when the situation arises, you’ll both know what to expect which will reduce the stress of the situation. Planning ahead for these possible contention points can set your marriage up for success.

Why Choose Colorado Springs Thriveworks?

Our trained professionals genuinely care about their clients. They are honored to have the opportunity to get to know you and your partner. Through individualized meetings, you’ll be able to discuss topics important to you. Using tools, such as assessments, they can identify strengths in the relationship and areas of possible struggle. Identifying and talking about these possible triggers can go a long way in problem prevention. We believe that premarital counseling is one of the most beneficial decisions you can make – it helps to set your marriage up for success.

At Thriveworks premarital counseling Colorado Springs, you’ll find that our providers are genuine, flexible, responsive, on time and available. We don’t have a wait list and we can typically see you the same week you call, possibly within 24 hours.

You’ll enjoy our complimentary coffee and tea while you relax in our waiting room. However, you won’t be there for long, since 97% of our appointments begin on time. Our offices are modern and comfortable – providing a setting for a relaxed and enjoyable session.

We know that you have several choices when looking for a premarital counselor. You can feel confident in your choice of Colorado Springs Thriveworks. Call 719-266-3919

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Awesome care

Lindsay Schustedt has been seeing my 6 year old for a few months now. My daughter has been excited to go to co...Read more

unseling since she gets to see Lindsay. Lindsay has also been able to learn more about the issues that my daughter is experiencing. I believe that Lindsay is a very good counselor and I look forward to taking my daughter to see her in the future. I also have appreciated the communication that Lindsay has had with me regarding my daughter. Thank you Lindsay and ThriveWorks.

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

The best therapists across the Front Range!

I was recommended to Thriveworks by District 11 for my son who is diagnosed with Autism, PTSD, ADHD and RAD. H...Read more

e had a quite abusive life, prior to my adopting him. Directly from the onset of my scheduling his intake to his intake appointment, my spirit felt that this was going to be the correct place for him to be. Rachel, his therapist, is amazing! The entire staff is amazing. Their communication skills are dynamic and Talon is responding so positively; actually more so than he has with any other therapy group. The focus is on his success! Success in overcoming his obstacles and in life. As a therapist, myself, I highly recommend Thriveworks! Empathy, Compassion, Dynamic abilities in using therapeutic tools and in teaching clients how to use and apply them in life.

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

So thankful

So very thankful I chose Thriveworks and Kara Kays. Our time together was very helpful, and I made great progr...Read more

ess. BDT was not like anything I’ve done before. Old way was to talk about the past and what made me who I am, new way is what is happening today, how can I be effective in my relationships today. Loved the learning tools, and I really clicked with Kara. Great experience

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