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Would you want to go back and relive your middle school days? I’ve asked this question to many adults and have yet to hear a, “Yes!”. Most of us think back to the emotional turmoil, the social stress, and are very glad to have that behind us.

Teens typically have a different perspective than adults, as well as different values. In addition, the brain isn’t fully developed, which can lead to poor judgement and impulsiveness. With the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical differences it can be difficult to understand them.

Our children are constantly growing and changing, making it difficult to know how to help them when they struggle. An adolescent once said:

    “I can’t let them know that punishments work, then they’ll punish me more.”

Another adolescent said:

    “I make drama in my life because sometimes I have nothing else.”

Adolescents draw conclusions from their experiences that may not make sense to us, as in the statements above. The confusion and frustration can be real for caretakers! The Thriveworks Colorado Springs professionals have years of experience and expertise with teens – let us help!

Why choose Colorado Springs Thriveworks Teen Therapy?

Teens and families find many benefits when meeting with one of our skilled mental health professionals. No matter the reason you are pursuing counseling, whether it’s an academic, personal, or social concern, we are equipped to help. Our professionals have experience working with many issues facing adolescents today:

  • Gaming addictions
  • Social Media addictions
  • Self-harm
  • Panic attacks
  • Social anxiety
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Anger
  • Family dynamics
  • Perfectionism
  • Lying
  • Low self esteem
  • Difficulty making and keeping friendships
  • Eating concerns
  • Focusing concerns
  • Academic concerns
  • School Attendance problems
  • Discipline problems

It’s difficult to see your teen facing difficult issues. Thriveworks Colorado Springs Adolescent Therapy is equipped with the skills needed to get your teen back to a place they can grow and thrive. The sooner your son or daughter works through the difficult situation with us, the better. Working through a situation early helps to prevent poor coping habits and prevents a drop in self-esteem.

Parents will oftentimes bring their son or daughter to therapy, just as they would for a routine dental checkup. The check up with your teen is preventive in nature, checking in on their emotional health. Other times, parents will have spent hours weighing options, deciding if help is needed and who to reach out to for help. In either case, know that our therapists are experienced with helping teens for a variety of concerns.

We want to be sure to mention that adolescent therapy is used to treat past and present emotional pains, as well as to help them to grow and develop higher levels of personal development. Growth in compassion and empathy will help them in their social world. Growth in self-esteem will help them cope with mistakes and try new things. Growth in perseverance will help them to hang in there and not give up quickly when things become difficult. All of these areas of development help a teen to become resilient, which will help them to have the confidence to overcome whatever life throws at them.

Adolescent Therapy Strategies

Adolescents vary in their willingness to participate in therapy. This is where the counselors at Colorado Springs Thriveworks really shine. Even with the most reluctant adolescent, we work to understand and connect with them. Once the relationship is established, we use a variety of techniques to understand your teen’s thoughts, emotions and actions, set goals and work together to get your teen growing and thriving in life. You’ll be surprised that even very reserved and quiet teens will open up and work collaboratively with our professional counselors.

Teen Therapy Strategies May Include:

  • Art and Music therapy
  • Talk therapy
  • Mindfulness skills, such as breathing techniques and relaxation
  • Teaching coping skills
  • Teaching self-awareness
  • Teaching communication strategies for interpersonal skills
  • CBT therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • DBT therapy (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)
  • Strength based strategies
  • Positive psychology
  • Small Groups (see details below)
  • Role Playing

The professional counselors for adolescent therapy at Thriveworks Colorado Springs individualize each therapy plan. Just as each adolescent and family is unique, so are the techniques and strategies used. We will work with you to identify goals and discuss progress as we close in to the identified goal. In addition, we want your teen to leave each session with a spring in their step and renewed sense of confidence.

Small Groups – The benefits for teens are plentiful!

  • Strong sense of belonging
  • Connection and relationships with other people
  • Sharing of positive ideas
  • Growth in self-worth and self confidence
  • Strengthen relationship skills
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Find passions and interests

At Thriveworks Colorado Springs, we are continually running small groups. We find the therapeutic setting and the sense of belonging create an ideal environment to grow and develop in any area. Look under the “groups” tab at the top of the home page for more details. Contact 719-266-3919 to schedule.

Details: Each small group will have 2 providers, and 6 people in them. They will run for 8 weeks, with 1 session each week. The cost is $400 for the entire length of the group.

Let Us Help!

You’ll quickly find that at Thriveworks, we do business differently.

Scheduling – easy peasy! When you call our number, you’ll talk with a Thriveworks specialist that will walk you through scheduling for your first appointment. We don’t have a waiting list! After this first appointment, you can simply schedule with your counselor or schedule with our online portal.

Thriveworks is a national community of providers that strives to be the best in the field of mental health. You’ll find that we have many providers with different strengths and personalities. You’ll find our joy is contagious and our relationships are genuine. We find strengths in people, families and situations – building a positive foundation.

Working with teens takes many hands. At Thriveworks, we will partner with you to build a network of support around your teen. This may include having discussions with your teen’s teachers, inviting family members in for sessions and partnering with important people in your teen’s life.

Call us today at 719-266-3919

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore discusses the science behind adolescent behavior. She views adolescents as a window of opportunity for important growth and learning.

The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain:

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