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Hard times hit everyone. Usually, the hard times do not care if you work until 8 at night, or have 3 kids that can’t be left home alone. They do not discriminate against people that travel every other week for work, or against kids whose address changes by the week. Hard times will hit, and in those moments, Colorado Springs Thriveworks is here to offer a solution, and a helping hand.
Online Counseling has been around since 1953- when a group out of Great Britain created the first ever telephone crisis helpline. Although telephone sessions are not technically online, it was the start of a technology driven shift in the counseling world. A shift that can help millions receive the mental health counseling they deserve and need.

What is Online Counseling?

Online Counseling is another name for the more technical term telepsychology or teletherapy. Teletherapy can include texting, phone calls, and any other app that uses the internet (such as FaceTime). Here at Colorado Springs Thriveworks we offer phone therapy (though calling) and an online face-to-face session similar to facetime.

Using the internet for something as private as counseling can raise some concerns such as:

  • Will the session be recorded?
  • Will my employer/spouse/friends be more likely to find out I am attending counseling?
  • Can the session be hacked?
  • Will personal information be shared via online media?

Colorado Springs Thriveworks hears you and can reassure you that our online counseling is completely safe. The app we use do not give out location or even personal numbers, and we remain true to the Client-Counselor relationship protocols which prevent your information from being shared (unless actions to hurt others or yourself have been suggested). Dealing with the internet always comes with some risk, but Colorado Springs Thriveworks Online Therapy takes all the necessary steps in keeping you and your information safe.

Why Online Counseling with Colorado Springs Thriveworks?

There are many reasons why someone would consider Online Counseling. Many of our clients already use it as an alternate session, in case meeting times do not work out, or as the primary source of communication. Some reasons to consider Online Counseling include:

  • Consistency- For people who work changing shifts, or travel frequently, a steady weekly appointment does not work. Working around a new schedule ever week for both client and counselor can be exhausting. Online Counseling provides a way to get the necessary consistency for those with a less available schedule.
  • Find the right counselor for you- Cultural differences is a very real difficulty in the counseling world. All counselors do their best to educate themselves on varying cultural differences, but sometimes it is nice to have someone that understands you right off the bat. Online Counseling gives you the opportunity to work with the right person, no matter how far away they are.
  • Anonymity- We make our office as stress-free as possible but seeing a counselor face to face can still be too much for some people. There is research, which suggests the lack of face-to-face interaction lets clients open up more readily, healing faster. We understand and respect this need for anonymity. Online Counseling can be a great way to receive the help you need while maintaining the privacy you desire.
  • Defeating the Social Stigma- Colorado Springs Thriveworks fully believes there is nothing wrong with seeking help- it is a vital and healthy process that can lead to a better life. However, we also acknowledge the stigma surrounding mental health can cause some people to be hesitant to go to counseling. We do not want the ideals of today’s culture to be what keeps you from receiving relief. Online Counseling is a good option for those who want to keep their treatment on the down low.

With a plethora of pros, the cons should also be addressed. New research is being conducted on the effectiveness of online therapy. Although there are mixed results, the consensus is that some counseling, in whatever form, is better than none. If there is something blocking you from seeking a face-to-face counseling session, online therapy is 100% for you. However, the use of online medias can take away some of the social cues that counselors are trained to recognize and give. This can result in a slightly less effective treatment; however, the jury is still out on how much it does affect the healing process. Many say there is no effect on the healing process, and online counseling is just as effective as face-to-face. The real deciding factor on this issue, is you. Give online counseling a try with our certified Colorado Springs Thriveworks counselors and see what you think.

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