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“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” -C.S Lewis

As it turns out, almost every hero has had a life coach at some point. Yoda, Gandalf, Aslan- all shared their wisdom to young adventurers who then brought a quest into fruition. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) you won’t find centuries old wizard guys or little old green people in your journey towards a happier you, but that doesn’t mean you are alone in the journey either! Colorado Springs Thriveworks’ coaches are professionally trained to help you learn to slay your own dragon- whatever it may be.

What is Life Coaching? Get the most out of life!

Life coaching is a new method meant to get the most out of life, and it differs slightly than counseling. The key difference between counseling and coaching is that counseling is meant to heal whereas life coaching is meant to conquer. A good analogy is athletics: when a runner pulls her hamstring, she rests, applies ice, and maybe goes to physical therapy. This is akin to counseling; when someone’s heart and mind have been scarred or stretched to maximum capacity for various reason, it could cause further damage to make a big change in their life.

Some dilemmas that may call for Life Coaching are:

  • Wanting to find happiness in work (thinking of taking a big career jump or in need of career counseling)
  • Confused about a relationship (recent relationship change, deciding if you should end or start a relationship)
  • Stressed about a newborn or a new family member (wanting help parenting an adopted child)
  • Wondering how to deal with a deployment of a family member
  • Many, many more dilemmas that occur in this crazy thing called life

It’s a confusing difference, we know, but since we are professionally trained to guide you towards a healthier you, you can schedule an appointment with a Colorado Springs Thriveworks life coach or a counselor and rest assured you are getting quality advice and help- no matter what the situation. We can help you finally break up with that chocolate cake, or we can guide you through the loss of a love one. There is nothing too big, or too small! If it is bothering you and affecting your day to day routine and happiness, give us a call and we can give you the support to rebuild your life!

Why Life Coaching? You have Power to Achieve Your Dreams

Hold on, isn’t it 2018? Aren’t you a strong, independent, unique individual who can pave your own path and move your own mountains? Absolutely! Life coaching is about us helping you realize your own strengths. We believe you have all the answers, but sometimes they get buried beneath self-doubt, stress, unending questions, and pressure from society or individuals. A typical life coaching session at Colorado Springs Thriveworks is us asking you to explore your strengths, weaknesses, and desires. We are the calm, professional voice that can help you distinguish between the angel and devil on your shoulders. There are times everyone needs a little relationship advice, career counseling or relationship support.

Life happens, but you should still have the confidence and self-awareness to pursue your dreams and live happily. Whether struggling with a deployment, new adoption or newborn, a recent breakup or maybe a new blossoming relationship, or preparing for a major career jump, Thriveworks Colorado Springs can be there to guide you through all of life’s stormy days by showing you:

“That which you seek, inside you will find.”


What to expect from Colorado Springs Life Coach at Thriveworks:

  1. When you call to schedule, you will talk with a real person on the phone. You’ll have your choice of morning, day or evening appointments. Even weekend hours!
  2. Arriving at the office, you’ll first notice our modern and clean waiting room and offices. You may want to arrive early so you can relax, listen to music, enjoy coffee or tea and flip through magazines.
  3. Your appointment will begin on time. Your time is valuable! We will respect your busy schedule and stick to our appointed time with you.
  4. After your appointment, you’ll have access to your clinician’s email and phone number. Feel free to contact them in between appointments, if needed.
  5. Also, did we mention that we take insurance? You pay a lot of money for your insurance and we want you to be able to use it. Currently, we are in the process of getting on insurance panels. We will post updates as soon as we are approved. Until then, we will offer cash pay.

Call 719-266-3919 to schedule an appointment today.

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