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To be a Thriveworks Associate, providers undergo a background check, full credential check, and must maintain outstanding client feedback.
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A team of excellent providers offering world-class counseling and life coaching from a well appointed Thriveworks brand location. The gold standard, Thriveworks centers are best positioned to offer a wide range of premium services.

Thriveworks Associates
Excellent solo providers that meet Thriveworks strict standards. Every associate has undergone a background check, full credential check, and must maintain positive client feedback to remain an associate. Thriveworks associates run their own independent practices, out of their own private offices.

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Durham Counseling and Coaching Can Help You Move Forward

People turn to counseling and coaching for many reasons. Some have anxiety issues or feel stressed out by their daily lives. Others are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. We see clients dealing with divorce, people who need help with anger management, and couples who ask for help moving past the problems in their relationship. Whatever your reasons are for considering counseling, rest assured that we’ve helped many people move forward and find a new way to live.

How much time do you spend on bettering yourself?

We see it time and time again: Clients who spend so much of their lives caring for their loved ones and little time caring for themselves. When’s the last time you thought about your goals or dreams? Have you put your goals on hold for too long? Or do you need help figuring out what you want out of life? No matter where you are today, we can help give you the tools you need to create a tomorrow that you’ll be proud of.

Get help for someone you love

Helping a loved one when they’re struggling is one of the hardest positions to be in. You’re lonely. You’re frustrated. And you have no idea what to do. Whether you need help for your spouse or your child, you’re in the right place. Typically, you can’t force a person to get help unless they’re ready but you can inform yourself of the options and present them to them.

If you’ve been dealing with someone who’s struggling for a long time, then you may need your own support.

When your marriage needs help you need the help of the experts

We’ve worked with innumerable couples who’ve dealt with all manner of marriage problems. If you’re in a position where you can’t seem to move forward, where you’re hurting each other’s feelings, using thoughtless words, and being less than truthful with each other, then you know the distance that can come up between two people who love each other.

At Thriveworks Durham Counseling and Coaching, we can help you break down the walls between you and your significant other. We can teach you effective communication skills that don’t just help you today, but help you heal and work together for life. We know that there isn’t a single way that every couple should choose to move forward. That’s why we have experts who can help you see your spouse in a new way and help you make the right decision about which path would be best for you and your partner.

Choose Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching for expert care

We know you have choices in counseling and coaching. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide you with the professional, experienced care you deserve. We respect you and your time, which is why we don’t have a wait list. In fact, we can generally pair you with a provider in less than 24 hours.

There is help out there for you and all it takes a simple phone call. You could begin healing and moving forward in less than a day. If now isn’t the right time, when will it be? We are honored to assist you.

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