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Many people who feel loneliness for an extended period of time also feel hopeless. It feels as though there isn’t a solution to their problem of loneliness and / or social isolation. The reality is thankfully much brighter: A loneliness counselor at Thriveworks Durham can help.

Start with the first step

As with any serious medical or mental health issue, the first step is for your counselor to assess your needs. It may be that your loneliness is caused by being physical separated from family and friends or it may be that it’s caused by an underlying medical condition. In the event a medical issues is the cause, that will typically be addressed first.

There are many intervention options

There are wide range of interventions your counselor may recommend to you. We will take a look at your specific situation, your goals, and your expectations and give you comprehensive advice on how to move forward. Some common examples include:

  • Improving social skills. For some people loneliness is the result of lacking the social skills needed to meet new people and make friends. If this is your situation, your counselor can teach you how to simple yet challenging things like striking up a conversation, talking on the phone, and being comfortable with the silence of others.
  • Social support. Many people who experience loneliness are dealing with changing circumstances like the death of a loved one or a recent move.
  • New options. Not everyone knowns where to find healthy options for social interaction. Counselors can provide specific advice based on a client’s needs and personality.
  • Changing beliefs. There’s been research showing that when people feel lonely for an extended period of time it can be self-fulfilling. People can become sensitive to it and view the actions of those around them as rejections or hostility. Your counselor can help you identify these inaccurate thoughts and feelings and work around them.

Thriveworks Durham Counseling & Coaching looks forward to help you find the customized solutions for your needs. We take to the time to treat you – not just your list of symptoms.

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s Christman. Giles is an outstanding therapist, which his clients can attest to- but what I'd like to provide feedback on is what clients don't see. Giles goes above and beyond to identify resources for each client's need(s), including assisting the client in overcoming any barriers in accessing those resources. Giles exemplifies a holistic, compassionate therapist- I highly recommend him to assist you on your wellness journey.

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