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Jenna is struggling to adjust in her new city. Moving after graduation sounded like a great idea—but now she’s regretting it. Jenna doesn’t know anyone in the area and she’s having trouble making new friends. Her coworkers are on the older side and their interests don’t quite match up. She’s lacking social interaction as well as personal fulfillment, and she’s starting to feel depressed as a result. Moving back home is out of the realm of possibilities, leaving her wondering what to do or where to turn.

Major life transitions of the like can be tough. We’re creatures of habit, and we like familiarity. So, when we change our surroundings or our day to day activities, sometimes we suffer—at least at first, until we adjust and adapt. Fortunately, if we struggle to do so, a psychologist can help us. They come equipped with skills, training, and experience to help us during major life transitions as well as many other difficult situations. Their ultimate goal is to help us achieve happier, more successful living.

“Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort, and perseverance.” –Scott Barry Kaufman

Thriveworks Durham has a team of dedicated, caring psychologists. These professionals truly care about you and your wellbeing; if you’re suffering, they want to guide and support you. They can help you adapt and adjust during major life transitions, work through symptoms of depression, manage other mental illnesses, resolve relationship issues, and more. Whatever obstacle lies before you, consider letting us assist you. To schedule your appointment, call Thriveworks Durham at (919) 629-3854. We can get you set up for an in-person or online appointment as soon as today or tomorrow.

What Are the Perks of Working with a Psychologist?

Psychologists bring unique knowledge and skills to the table—they’ve studied and trained to help people with the vast variety of problems us humans experience on a daily basis. We can’t always manage or solve these problems alone, which is where they come in. As mentioned earlier, some of the problems that they can help with include:

  1. Adapting well during major life transitions: In the example above, Jenna struggles to make new friends after moving to a new city and in turn lacks that critical social interaction with others. As a result, she starts to feel depressed. A psychologist can help Jenna find new avenues for meeting new people that she’ll enjoy spending time with and can build friendships with. They can also help her to manage her depression symptoms and determine other contributing factors to the illness.
  2. Resolving relationship issues: Another common challenge we run into is a problem in our relationships, be it miscommunication, infidelity, evolving roles, differences in parenting, and so on. Often, we can benefit from a third party—especially an unbiased third party who is trained to help us work through issues of the like. A psychologist at Thriveworks Durham can help you and your partner work through the challenges in your relationship as well as strengthen your overall problem-solving skills, which will come in handy in the future.
  3. Manage symptoms of a mental illness: If you exhibit symptoms of depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, it’s important you talk to a professional. Only then can you begin to receive treatment for the given disorder, which is crucial to your health. The psychologists at Thriveworks Durham can offer you treatment for your mental illness and help you manage your symptoms.

This list could go on, but we think you get the gist. In summary, the psychologists at Thriveworks Durham can assist you in solving or managing virtually any problem you are experiencing. Our goal is to help you live a happier, more successful life. If you share this goal of living better, consider partnering up with one of our psychologists.

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You don’t have to struggle or suffer alone. There are professionals out there who are dedicated to helping people just like! They can help you manage your mental health challenges and life issues. And they can provide you with life-changing guidance and support.

To schedule an appointment at Thriveworks Durham, give our office a call at (919) 629-3854. We have both in-person and online appointments available. We’re happy to meet with you in the office or in an online setting—the choice is yours.

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Anthony Marino

Anthony has been the most helpful counselor I’ve met. I’d definitely refer friends and family to him.
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Dr. Lundy

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ho had been broken during life's journey. She maintained her professionalism throughout our sessions even when I was a total wreck. She was a Godsend and I thank her for all she has done to help me.

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Request Giles!

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s Christman. Giles is an outstanding therapist, which his clients can attest to- but what I'd like to provide feedback on is what clients don't see. Giles goes above and beyond to identify resources for each client's need(s), including assisting the client in overcoming any barriers in accessing those resources. Giles exemplifies a holistic, compassionate therapist- I highly recommend him to assist you on your wellness journey.

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