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Sometimes when we’ve suffered a loss, we struggle to get through it. We find ourselves struggling more and more each day, becoming more and more isolated and wondering if we’ll ever feel “normal” again. If that describes you, Durham Grief Counseling wants you to know there is help to heal.

Asking for help can be very hard especially when dealing with grief and loss. There is often an expectation that people will automatically reach out to help. Instead, when there has been a loss, friends and loved ones often back away, not knowing what to say or do. We may also fear being judged as weak because we can’t just “get over it.” The truth is, grieving is hard and sometimes we are just not equipped to deal with the struggle. There is no shame in asking for help.

When to Ask for Help

People seek grief counseling for lots of reasons. For some, counseling offers a safe place to talk about their feelings. For others, counseling can help them develop skills they may need to better cope with the loss.

Some reasons to seek grief counseling might be:

  • Your depression is persistent and prevents you from carrying out day-to-day activities such as going to work or school, bathing, routine chores
  • You are using alcohol or medications more often to cope with your feelings
  • You are not eating or sleeping well
  • You are isolating yourself and avoiding social contacts more frequently
  • You have experienced multiple losses in a short period of time
  • You have thoughts of death or dying
  • You feel “stuck” and often wonder whether you’ll ever feel “normal” again
  • You have intrusive thoughts of your lost loved one that are distressing

Whether you just need a little extra support or you are struggling to get through the day, the counselors at Durham Grief Counseling can help. Our experienced counselors understand how difficult a loss can be and are ready to assist you in your journey to healing.

If you have questions about how counseling can help or to schedule your confidential appointment, please call Durham Grief Counseling today.

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very compassionate and reasonable , would highly recommend her.

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I have known Dulcie since our college days. She has always been a great listener and is non-judgmental with he...Read more

r responses. Dulcie has had a wide variety of work experiences in her years as a counselor. She is family oriented and completely dedicated to those she serves in her work. For many years, Dulcie has been my Friend/Counselor, and I would recommend her to anyone needing a listening ear and guidance.

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