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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could attend your therapy appointment from home? Guess what, you can! At least when it comes to therapy, counseling, and life coaching at Thriveworks Counseling in Durham, NC. If you struggle to make it to the office for your counseling appointment or you’ve been defeated by other problems that stand in your way of mental health help, give online therapy a try.

I cannot stand the words, ‘Get over it.’ All of us are under

such pressure to put our problems in the past tense. Slow down.

Don’t allow other to hurry your healing. It is a process, one that

may take years, occasionally, even a lifetime—and that’s okay.”

–Beau Taplin

Thriveworks Counseling in Durham, NC offers online therapy, which proves to be the most beneficial option for many of our clients. If you think that you could benefit from online therapy, reach out today to schedule your appointment. Just call (919) 629-3854 and our scheduling team will do the rest. We look forward to the chance to meet you.

What Is Online Therapy? What Are the Benefits?

Online therapy is the convenient, comfortable option. This allows people who lead busy lives to work therapy or counseling into their schedule. How do people have time for online therapy, but not in-person counseling, you ask? Online therapy means that you can attend your therapy session from anywhere you want or need to attend from. In addition to being able to attend from the comfort of your own home, you can also attend from your car, a local coffee shop, or wherever else your schedule allows. This cuts out the time that it takes to travel to your local therapy office and back.

In addition to convenience and comfort, the most well-known online therapy benefits, online counseling offers:

  1. Flexibility: Generally, you’ll be able to schedule your online therapy appointment with greater flexibility than you will an in-person counseling appointment. You’ll more likely be able to schedule an evening or weekend session as well as a session right on the spot, if you choose to work with a therapist or counselor online.
  2. Reliability: Additionally, online counseling offers reliability. In other words, you can rely on having your session, despite an illness, physical disability, bad weather, traffic, and other circumstances that might cause you to cancel or reschedule an in-person counseling session.

Online therapy is the most comfortable, convenient, flexible, and reliable therapy option for many people. If you’re interested in working with a therapist online, give Thriveworks Counseling in Durham, NC a call today. Our team is ready to step up and help!

How Can Online Therapy Help Me?

Now that we understand the primary benefits of online therapy—the comfort, convenience, flexibility, and reliability—you might be wondering what challenges an online therapist can help you with. Online therapy is based in talk therapy, which means that it can help you address a range of mental health challenges. These include:

  • Symptoms of a mental illness, like depression or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem problems
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Mental challenges of a physical disability
  • Grief and loss after the passing of a loved one
  • Relationship issues, like jealousy
  • Lack of success and fulfillment at work

And we’ve just started to scrape the surface. As with in-person counseling, online therapy can help people address, manage, and resolve many problems that are standing in their way of living the life they long for. If you’re interested in working with a therapist online, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling Durham, NC today. We have online therapists on staff who are ready to meet with you on the phone, videoconference, or email/text messaging.

Work with an Online Therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Durham, NC

If you acknowledge the need for therapy or believe that could benefit from talking to a skilled, caring counselor, therapist, or coach, you are in the right place. Thriveworks Counseling in Durham, NC has a team of skilled professionals who are ready to help you achieve a happier, healthier life.

We’re ready to help you whenever you are ready to begin. To schedule your appointment, all you have to do is give us a call at (919) 629-3854. Then, we can set you up with an online therapist who will be able to help you manage your mental illness symptoms, address your low self-esteem, overcome loneliness, and work through other mental roadblocks.

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