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There are times in our lives when we feel surrounded by hardships and cannot find our way clear of them. This is true whether you are a beautician, a vet, a doctor or a dancer; whether you’re just entering the job market or approaching retirement. Some of the most common challenges are related to careers and relationships or to high levels of stress and self-doubt.

People are working longer hours, retiring later and single income households are less common. This is because, among other things, more demands are being placed on us each day: it is difficult to make ends meet and to find simple enjoyment in life. It can be hard in these circumstances to find quality time to spend with loved ones and friends, or just to have some quiet time for yourself. There is a great deal of joy, enjoyment and happiness to be found and a professional life coach can help you find it.

What Life Coaching Could Do for You

Whether you are struggling to find the self-assurance to pursue your ambitions, or whether the strains of relationships at home and work are causing you anxiety, or whether there are not five minutes in the day when you can sit and reflect, a professional life coach can help you to find some balance and confidence to be who you want to be and to reach your goals. A life coach helps you to figure out what is most important to you, and why. With you, they assess what the order of your priorities is and what you would like them to be. A life coach assists you in bridging the distance between who you are and who you would like to be. You can:

  • Discover what priorities you consciously and unconsciously have
  • Assess the underlying reasons for this
  • Learn to prioritize your desires
  • Acquire the techniques of life coaching
  • Have assistance in removing the obstacles in your path

A life coach gives you time and dedicated support to evaluate the opportunities you have before you, and to choose the goals you most want to achieve. They give you the tools to overcome the trials you endure.

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Very fulfilling and helpful. Came away with practical tools to deal with my issues/concerns. Sarah Morris is...Read more

very compassionate and reasonable , would highly recommend her.

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Dulcie Garrett

I have known Dulcie since our college days. She has always been a great listener and is non-judgmental with he...Read more

r responses. Dulcie has had a wide variety of work experiences in her years as a counselor. She is family oriented and completely dedicated to those she serves in her work. For many years, Dulcie has been my Friend/Counselor, and I would recommend her to anyone needing a listening ear and guidance.

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Just finished my first session, and so far so good!

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