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Relationship S.O.S. – Why To Seek Help?
Experts suggest that one of the chief causes of divorce and marital unhappiness is the lack of sufficient repair in the wake of an argument. This persistent absence of reconciliation between partners can lead to a development of a resentment so strong that it cannot be settled without choosing to part ways. Bearing in mind that the majority of couples facing some serious challenges will not seek marriage or couples counseling until they have been unhappy for an average of six years, the US divorce rates of 40%-50% might not seem so shockingly high anymore.

People divorce for a variety of reasons and it is always a very individual decision on the part of the spouses. In many cases a conflict or an incompatibility will be so strong that divorce may prove to be the right step to take – therapists acknowledge that not all relationships can, or should, be saved. It is a fact, though, that a wish to end marriage will often be a consequence of conflicts which can actually be resolved – by means of improved communication and under the supervision of an experienced couples counselor.

Challenges In Relationships
Few relationships exist conflict free – there are many different challenges and struggles that arise during relationships and these may range from communication problems, infidelity or different sexual needs to conflicts inflicted by jealousy, financial disputes or work-related stress. These challenges can arise early on in a relationship and if not dealt with for years can ultimately give rise to a deep enough resentment to prevent any genuine reconciliation. For that reason, experts recommend that spouses or partners do not postpone for too long before accessing professional help in the form of marriage or couples counseling.

How Can Professional Counseling Help?
Marriage and couples counseling is not a quick fix method that will magically resolve any problems a couple might have. A good counselor will refrain from giving instructions or commands on what to do, but will help the partners find a way towards a solution to their problems themselves. He or she will work with the clients to equip them with the tools and mechanisms that should allow them to communicate constructively with one another. They will become better listeners, be able to control their emotions and, ultimately, learn how to resolve the fundamental conflicts and repair their relationship. It might also be that a couple undergoing therapy decides to part ways, in which case counseling can continue to bring benefits – for example, facilitating an amicable separation and helping to reduce the damage to a family during the separation process.

Experienced marriage and couples counselors at Thriveworks Durham offer support to people at various stages of their relationship and facing very different problems. Thanks to our depth of experience, we understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to designing an effective therapy. We tailor our sessions to ensure that you and your partner’s needs and expectations are met in the best way possible.

Finding an answer to your relationship troubles is possible – Thriveworks Durham is there to help. So why not call us today to arrange your first marriage or couples counseling session.



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