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Disagreements can take a toll on your relationship, but even the closest couples will have them throughout the years. Despite relationship issues being common, though, those who experience them can attest to the fact that they’re not any less stressful.

If you and your spouse or partner are struggling to resolve your differences, seeking help from Durham couples counseling may be the answer. We can facilitate discussion in a sensitive and respectful environment that enables you to come to an agreement and move forward positively with your relationship.

The Common Relationship Issues

Did you know that many couples disagree about the same types of things? While each pair’s circumstances are unique, there are often common themes when it comes to relationship struggles. These often include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Disagreeing about how to raise children
  • Arguing about finances and one another’s spending or saving habits
  • Feeling unhappy about a partner’s job loss or tendency to overwork
  • Having a different outlook on the future
  • Worrying about the possibility of infidelity
  • Struggling to get along with a partner’s extended family or friends.

Enduring the Ups and Downs

Of course, every relationship will have its ups and downs throughout the years. You’ll be going along just fine and an issue will pop up that throws a monkey wrench in your happiness.

This is normal, and often you’ll fix the issue together and move ahead. But, if you’re feeling like you’re starting to experience more of the “downs” than the “ups” it may be a good time to seek outside support in the form of couples counseling.

Reluctance to Seek Help

Often, partners hesitate to seek couples therapy. They might disagree about one issue but otherwise have a strong bond with each other. If this sounds like you, don’t let that problem fester until it makes everything else feel bad! Seeking guidance and support from trained couples therapists in Durham can help you come to an agreement and move ahead together, stronger than ever.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you and your spouse are considering couples therapy to address a matter. Your future happiness may depend on it, and we’d be honored to facilitate your resolution.

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