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For adolescents, attending therapy can provide many advantages from learning healthy coping skills to dealing with trauma or building confidence. Although one-on-one counseling is beneficial group therapy can prove even more advantageous. While individuals differ in terms of their learning, background and views, the support provided in a group setting cannot be denied. We look at the 5 benefits of group counseling for teens.

Group Therapy is Realistic

When teenagers partake in individual therapy, specific types of social behaviors are not apparent. Withdrawal, shyness, boisterous attitudes or general disrespect towards other students can all become apparent when in a larger group of similar aged students.

Thriveworks McDonough group therapy for teens can provide more realistic scenarios particularly when subjects are presented for discussion. The role of the therapist is to observe the behaviors and the responses of each student in the class. This provides an idea of the direction for session and areas to explore without causing any form of discomfort.

Individual tendencies of insecurity, difficulties in communication and inattentiveness or fear all become apparent when participating in group classes.

Group Therapy Improves Social Engagement

For teenagers, the ability to participate in a counseling session in a group can help them work on shyness, fear and social inadequacies. A therapist will introduce the structure for each of the sessions and keep a keen eye on the behaviors and the attitudes of each adolescent. Through exercises and facing fears in a supportive environment, teens can learn how to develop a strengthened social awareness.

Improves Peer Communication

Students who engage with their peers during guided counseling sessions learn what is expected of them and how to communicate with others more effectively. In a group therapy setting, teens can best explore what they think and what they feel with the support of their peers and their counselor.

A major benefit of sharing a setting with other teenagers similar in age and experiences is the ability to express how they feel among their peers. It not only encourages social acceptance but will help teenagers communicate with others who are similar in age and experience.

Encourages Healthy Relationships

Teenagers who are equipped with the social skills, communication and special confidence can build healthier future relationships. When adolescents are isolated, they tend to increase risk of developing anxiety, depression and acting our behaviors. It is important to ensure that the healthiest solutions are sought to provide teens the best possible life start. It is imperative that a professional therapist is sought who can guide healthy and safe group sessions.

Why Choose Group Therapy for Teens

Shared experiences, perspectives and support are important for teens managing a condition or personal circumstance. For those who feel alone in what they are going through, the ability to hear the stories and share similar experiences with others is invaluable. Learning what a professional and a certified group therapist at Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching – McDonough can do for teens, will definitely assist in making healthy decisions for the social and psychological well-being of all persons partaking in these sessions.

We will meet at our convenient location, 1705 Pennsylvania Ave McDonough, GA 30253. Give us a call today at 678-853-5849 ext.4004. We look forward to helping you on your journey!

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