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What did you dream of being or doing when you were a child? Where did you want to live? What did you think your days would look like? Most of us have had to adjust our dreams a great deal from childhood. We may not be able to grow up and become princesses or kings. However, it is not necessary to give up all of our hopes and dreams. We can still strive to reach our goals for life.

The demands of life get in the way of our best intentions. Thriveworks Peachtree City life coaching can help you quiet the noise of your own life and be intentional about the things you want to achieve. A skilled life coach can help you set realistic goals, remove blocks to those goals, and establish a plan for achievement and change.

You may feel unsure about what a life coach does or how they can help you. Alternatively, you may know exactly what the job of a life coach entails, but you feel anxious about making that first call. You may know very deeply that changes need to be made in your life, but you feel nervous about taking the first step in making real change.

You deserve to give yourself a chance. You deserve to let your goals seek the light of day. You can make the time. You can make the change. A Thriveworks Life Coach can help you.”

Be Careful When Seeking A Life Coach in Peachtree City, Ga.

The term “life coach” is quite common today. And it’s a regulated term in the state of Georgia. We see advertisements for life coaches, health coaches, lifestyle coaches, personal coaches, and others. However, there is no overseeing governing body that establishes licensing requirements or education background for those seeing clients under the term, “life coach.” Practically, this means that absolutely anyone can call himself or herself a “life coach.” This is a very dangerous situation for those looking for a trustworthy and reputable life coach.

At Thriveworks Peachtree City, you can trust that our life coaches are not only experienced in this area; they are also licensed mental health professionals. Thriveworks life coaches have the educational degrees and have passed the required licensing exams to obtain their mental health practitioner license. Our life coaches have the experience, education, and background to be able to work effectively with you. We are leaders in our field, and ready and willing to put our expertise to work for you and for your dreams.

When you conducted the web search that lead you to this page, you probably also received a great deal of other options and advertisements. This was probably quite overwhelming. You need not go back and search further. Thriveworks life coaches are licensed and experienced, ready to help you achieve your goals. Your hopes and dreams are important. Do not trust them to just anyone.

Growth Focus in Peachtree City Life Coaching

If your whole life could be different when you woke up tomorrow, think about these questions. What would you do for work? Where would you go? Who would you spend time with? How much would be different?

In life coaching, these are often called the “Miracle Questions.” An experienced life coach can assist you in discovering the answers to these questions. Being able to communicate and express your answers to these questions is an important step in changing your life and creating the reality that you want.

The list of things that get in our way in accomplishing our goals is unending. Financial stress, sickness, burdensome relationships, simply daily life; these things prevent us from being intentional about making our goals and dreams come true.

A knowledgeable life coach can assist you in clearing out the distractions and the clutter in your mind. We can help you establish a clear vision for your life.”

How did you feel when you read the miracle questions above? Were you able to come up with answers? Or could you not even put your answers into words?

It can be hard to even come up with answers to the miracle questions. We may have a vision for how we want our life to be, but we cannot seem to put it into words. Being unable to answer these questions is a common experience. We may not know what we need to be different; we just know our life needs a chance.

Counseling or therapy often has the goal of bringing a client from pain to healing. On the other hand, life coaching desires to take a client from neutral to positive change. In counseling, a scale can be used to quantify satisfaction in various areas of life. This can be measured from possibly a negative ten to a positive ten. A -10 would be very painful, and 0 would be neutral. Life coaching attempts to take a person from neutral to possibly a +5 or even a +10.

There are many areas that we can measure our satisfaction or disappointment in life.

These include:

  • Physical environment
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Friends and family
  • Romance and intimacy
  • Personal growth
  • Fun and leisure time
  • Spiritual life and religious activities

Of course, both you and our life coaches know that our entire lives cannot be summed up in numbers and scales. There are so many different areas of our lives that we can measure our satisfaction. Our personal ratings can also change on a daily basis. One minute, we can feel like we have mastered a certain area, be functioning at a +10, and then suddenly drop to a -10 in the same area. The loss of employment, death of a loved one, betrayal by a friend; anything of these can change our life in an instant. Even without a tragic or unexpected event, our lives can be thrown off of a positive trajectory easily.

The famous psychologist Erich Fromm once wrote, “Man always dies before he is fully born.” When first reading this, it may sound negative. However, it is actually a helpful sentiment. It implies that humans are always striving for more. It is not possible to achieve every one of our dreams and goals in our short time on Earth. There is always growth to obtain, more to be experienced, new things to learn. If you are one of the few people who read the previous scale and felt that you were functioning at all 9s and 10s, there is more to experience in life.

You need to dare to challenge yourself.”

Thriveworks Peachtree City Life Coaches Are Available to Help

Thriveworks coaches are leaders in their field. Our coaches and therapists have been published in many reputable news outlets and publications, such as The Boston Globe, Counseling Today, Psychiatric Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Journal of Mental Health Counseling, and many others. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

At Thriveworks, we recognize that it may be difficult for you to make that first call. Our life coaches pride themselves on not operating with a waiting list. In most cases, we have appointments available within 24 hours for new clients. We understand that you may have been thinking about calling us for quite some time. We want to be ready when you are ready to make that change in your life. With our busy lives and many commitments, it is not easy to take the time to focus on ourselves. We know you are tired, busy, frustrated, and bored in life. We know that you want more, and we want to help you experience this.

Change happens one step at a time. Your dreams have sat on the shelf long enough. Genuine change is achievable. When you begin to see even small changes, you will be able to truly understand and believe that your life can be different. After this, progress will happen faster and faster as you become more intentional about your goals.

Set aside all the reasons why you should not call a Thriveworks life coach. These are simply more distractions on the journey to happiness.

Call 678-383-1210 today to reach your life coach. It would be an honor to walk with you on this journey.

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