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What if your marriage could be different? What if you did not fight every night? What if you did not sleep in separate rooms? What if you weren’t so distant from your spouse? What if you actually connected? What if you felt that excitement to see your partner that you once did? What if it could all be different?

These are often called the “Miracle Questions” and they are used in therapy to help clients define what they would like to be different about their lives. It can be difficult to even answer these questions. Helping couples and individuals create a new reality is not easy. But at Thriveworks, we have the skills and experience to help you make this happen. You and your spouse do not need to suffer in silence anymore.

Marriage is not always easy. When we walk down the aisle, we may expect long talks at night, falling asleep in each other’s arms, flowers, and laughter for years to come. However, this is not reality for every day of our lives together. Life throws us all unexpected challenges and hardships. Financial struggles, illness, adultery, the list goes on and on of the difficulties that couples may face in their time together.

Thriveworks marriage counselors and psychologists can help you and your spouse clearly define the problems that you face, help determine goals for success and change, and then walk on the journey of healing and establishing a new, happier normal for you both in your marriage.

Why Pursue Marriage Counseling at Thriveworks Peachtree?

There are many reasons that couples choose to seek counseling. Some couples are looking for a “check-up” because they feel some distance or unhappiness that did not used to be present. Things are not totally broken; they just need some assistance. Other couples are already separated, one partner may feel completely done with the relationship, and may not even see the point of counseling. Whatever the reason that you have sought out this page, you are not alone. With marriage statistics in the abysmal way that we find them, many couples have not yet gone through with a divorce but are living with an “emotional divorce” where they are simply ships passing in the night. Problems in a marriage can be caused by many things. Some of these may include:

  • Financial trouble
  • Health problems
  • Adultery
  • Jealousy and lack of trust
  • Infertility
  • Problems with children or extended family
  • Loss of employment
  • Relocation
  • Anger issues
  • Lack of communication
  • Psychological problems
  • Addictions

Do these sound familiar? Perhaps you and your spouse are facing several challenges on this list. Or perhaps you cannot even pinpoint the cause of your distance, but you know it’s there. You know that you and your partner could be closer, have more of a connection, know each other better. We are ready to help you discover if that is true. We are ready to explore your marriage and help you and your spouse establish realistic goals for the future of your relationship.

The Importance of Quality Time and Physical Touch

Getting coffee, watching a favorite show together, taking a walk, having a long conversation; the love style “quality time” is about giving your undivided attention to your spouse. The activity that takes place during the quality time is really unimportant.  Being fully present and focusing on the other person is what matters.

An embrace, a kiss, holding hands, or leaning your head on your spouse’s shoulder can all be expressions of physical love. This is an important love language for many.  Physical contact and touch can relate to intimacy, but it also refers to simple human contact. It is very beneficial to learn how both yourself and your spouse best receive and give love. Once you know your spouse’s most significant expression of love, you can put a great deal of deposits into this type of love language.

Thriveworks marriage counselors can help you put these exercises and theories, as well as others, into practice in your relationship. These can work quickly to help establish new patterns of interaction and communication in your relationship. We want to help you create a very wealthy “love bank.”

Gottman Method: How the Sound Relationship House Theory Can Improve Your Marriage

The Gottman Method is a therapy approach that assesses a marriage and then uses the Sound Relationship House theory to strengthen the relationship in three main areas: friendship, conflict management, and shared meaning. The Sound Relationship House theory has identified nine components that make up a happy and healthy relationship. They are:

  1. Build love maps: understanding each other’s history, worries, stresses, hopes, and joys
  2. Grow sentiment and admiration: knowing how to express appreciation and respect for your partner in order to strengthen your bond
  3. Understand one another’s needs: learn how to face relationship needs head-on instead of turning away
  4. Be positive: use effective problem-solving skills
  5. Manage conflict: conflict is bound to happen, so we need to learn how to manage it properly
  6. Set goals: encourage your partner to go after their hopes, goals, and values
  7. Create shared meaning: understand the different visions and opinions about your relationship
  8. Trust: one of the biggest parts of a relationship is trust. Understanding what that means
  9. Commitment: believing in your relationship through thick and thin

Thriveworks Peachtree City Counseling has therapists who have Level 1 Training in the Gottman method and are proud to offer it to their clients. If you choose to work with one of these therapists, they will help you deepen your connection and grow together through the nine components of your relationship.

Why Choose Thriveworks Peachtree City Marriage Counselors?

At Thriveworks Peachtree City, our trained and licensed marriage counselors and psychologists are experts in their field. We respect that it may be very difficult for you to contact us. Perhaps you have been begging and pleading your spouse to agree to see a counselor for a long time. Many people have fear and anxiety associated with even seeing a counselor. For all of these reasons, we want to be available when you need us. Out of respect for your life and situation, we maintain a “no waiting list” policy. In most cases, we have appointments available within 24 hours for new clients.

Perhaps you are still wondering if you should call. Wonder no longer. You deserve to determine whether you can be happy in this relationship. Your marriage deserves a fighting chance. Let us, the Thriveworks marriage therapists in Peachtree City, help you create the marriage you have always dreamed about, or maybe find the relationship that you used to have. It would be our pleasure to walk with you on this journey of healing and change.

Call Thriveworks Peachtree City and reach a marriage therapist who can help you improve your relationship: 678-383-1210, and let’s get started!

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