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Slammed doors, late nights, screaming, silence, harsh words, cold shoulders. Does this remind you of your current relationship? Do you wake up in the morning with tired eyes from crying yourself to sleep at night? Do you dread coming home from work to a home full of anger and sadness? Do you fear the sound of your partner’s car in the driveway? If this sounds at all familiar to you, this is no way to live. There is no reason to continue to choose to be in this type of relationship. You have choices. You have the ability to make a change. You can change your circumstances or you can change your relationship. If you and your partner want to create a happier, healthier version of your relationship, Thriveworks Peachtree City counselors are ready to help.

Perhaps what we have described is not the state of your relationship. Things are not quite that serious, but you feel distant from your partner. You are unable to share your deepest thoughts and feelings, or you feel misunderstood. Perhaps you have just lost the joy and vitality that used to characterize your time with your loved one. You miss the fun and happiness that used to be part of your relationship. We can help you are your partner rediscover this together. Couples counseling can help inject new life and fun into your relationship. We can help you connect with each other on a deeper level, and help you learn how to communicate more clearly.

Maybe you and your partner are stuck in limbo. You have a great connection, but do not know whether you want to make the next level of commitment in your relationship. Perhaps you have been together for a long time, but cannot decide if you want to stay together in the future. We can help you make these decisions. Working with an experienced couples counselor can help make this process easier and less stressful. It can be easier to share more honestly and openly in the freedom of the counselor’s office.

Why Do Couples Choose Counseling?

The various reasons that couples choose to pursue counseling are too many to list. The reasons are widely varied and personal. Some may feel shame or apprehension about seeking counseling. While this is very common, it is completely unnecessary. Taking care of your mental health and the health of your relationship is just as important as maintaining your physical health. Making the decision to pursue couples counseling signals an important level of commitment to your relationship. Making the time and effort to work together to improve your relationship is an integral first step in creating the type of relationship you both really desire. Problems in a relationship can develop from many different causes. Some may include:

  • Financial problems
  • Loss of job
  • Selling a home
  • Life transition such as retirement or unemployment
  • Difficulty with children
  • Serious medical problems
  • Infertility
  • Psychological problems
  • Death of a loved one
  • Emotional or psychological problems
  • Addictions
  • Infidelity
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of communication

Whatever the cause of the difficulties in your relationship, a skilled couples counselor can help you define these problems and work through them together. Perhaps you recognized the problem in your relationship immediately on this list. Your difficulties may have just started, or possibly they have been part of your life with your partner from the beginning. You may be wondering if you can move past them, and you are seriously doubtful. Maybe one member of the relationship wants to move on, but the other is extremely hurt and cannot seem to let it go. You both have valid feelings and desires, and a Thriveworks couples counselor can help you come to a workable solution for you both.

How Can Thriveworks Peachtree City Couples Counseling Help Us?

There are many exercises that a skilled couples counselor can use to help you and your partner move from distance and pain to closeness and happiness. We can begin by defining the relationship and it’s problems, and by creating a realistic plan for continuing counseling in the future. Changing unhealthy patterns of behavior is not easy, but it is possible when both people are committed to making that change. It does not happen overnight, but it can happen. Some of these methods of change may include:

  • Identifying problems
  • Recognizing the most important problems for each partner
  • Creating safe boundaries for discussion
  • Teaching active listening
  • Establishing honest and clear communication
  • Creating trust
  • Healing painful hurts from the past
  • Establishing or fostering intimacy

You may read this list and laugh. This may sound so far from your relationship with your partner that it seems like a fairytale that any of the things on this list could happen. Thriveworks Peachtree City couples counselors are ready to walk with you on this process of change. Two people can become so entrenched in their negative patterns of behavior that it can be very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let us help you see that light. We have helped many couples, just like you, create a new and happier reality. We can help you create an action plan of the most pressing concerns, and the easiest and most feasibly way to address these concerns.

Why Choose Thriveworks Peachtree City Couples Counseling?

The clinicians at Thriveworks Peachtree City couples counseling are experts in their field. We are very selective in choosing our therapists and find those with the best talent and experience. You may feel worried that your issues, problems, or the state of your relationship will shock us or overwhelm us. This is not the case. We are trained, educated experts. We are ready to deal with whatever you bring to the counseling room. This is a place free of judgment. We have most likely seen or heard it before. It can be very lonely to deal with your difficult relationship alone. You can share a bed, but be extremely distant from the person on the other side. We understand, and we are ready to help.

We know that it can take a long time to convince your partner to go to couples counseling. Maybe they just agreed, and you want to begin counseling before they change their minds. For these reasons, we pride ourselves on not operating with a waiting list, as most counseling offices do. We recognize that it is not easy to make that first call. We want to be ready when you are. In most cases, we have appointments available within 24 hours for new clients.

Call Thriveworks Peachtree City Couples Counselors at (678) 383-1210. We look forward to partnering with you!

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Thriveworks Counseling Peachtree City

Stephanie Mezei

I have known Stephanie for over six years and worked side by side with her in a mental health center for part ...Read more

of that time. What comes across first and foremost is her caring and concern for her clients and her determination to see that their needs are met. She brings to her work a wide range of experience and training along with confidence that is reassuring and a comfort to those in distress. She can deal calmly with the most severe issues as well as with problems of daily living. In the time that I've known her, she has been licensed in three different states to practice in a variety of settings. If you come to her in a time of need, in a time of emotional upheaval or difficult questions, I don't think you will find a more competent or more caring therapist.

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Thriveworks Counseling Peachtree City

A game changer for me!!

Without going on an on, but I may - - I feel that Stacey Franklin, my counselor, is literally the best kept se...Read more

cret (that I will not keep a secret) if you haven't met her - and if you have not been to Thriveworks yet, than that is the second best kept secret. Thriveworks is the most incredible counseling place that I have ever been to - when you walk in - it offers such a tranquil and serene atmosphere, where every counselor greets you with a very welcoming spirit. I have been to multiple counselors throughout my life, in multiple states, and it is without hesitation that this environment is incredible. When you call to schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor, they work really hard to try and match you with a counselor that best fits the struggles that you are going through - but at any point during your counseling sessions, if you feel that the match may not be perfect - they want you to be honest so that they can try and fix it, or match you with someone that may be a better fit for you within the practice or refer you to someone they know outside of the practice. That is what an amazing practice and counselor should do! Stacey is by far the BEST counselor I have every worked with. She is genuine, honest, skilled, raw, empathetic, compassionate, pneumatic, accepting, flexible, communicable, my safe place, and so VERY kind. Her aura is something I have never seen before and although I am on a life journey of discovery and acceptance, I am so thankful for her to be on this journey with me because I do not know what I would have done with out her. If you are reading this review and are wondering if this is the place for you - I challenge you to give it a shot - it was a life changer for me.

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Thriveworks Counseling Peachtree City

I highly recommend Maria!

I’m grateful for Maria who has helped me through a really difficult time in my life. She is personable, very...Read more

skilled and caring therapist . I can definitely be myself when I talk to her. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is in crisis. Thank you!

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