Colorado Stay-at-Home Order—Help is available in Colorado Springs

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Colorado Stay-at-Home Order—Help is available in Colorado Springs

Stay-at-Home order….Yikes. When I first heard, I felt a bit panicked with so much unknown. Fear and the unknown go hand in hand. Most of us have never been through anything like this before. We are simply trying to gather our fear of the unknown and contain it. As we slowly process it, make sense of it, and connect with others, this fear will dissipate.

The problem is, it’s difficult to process this when alone in our homes. Or, if we aren’t alone, maybe we don’t feel comfortable talking with our families or housemates about our fear and anxiety. Without processing an event like this, a person can spiral with fear and anxiety. Getting caught in a spiral is an awful place to be. If you find yourself having any of these symptoms, please reach out to find someone you trust:

  • You check the news obsessively
  • You are having stomach pains, trouble sleeping, or headaches
  • Your eating habits have changed
  • Your thoughts have begun to loop around worst-case scenarios

The good news is that processing this event, and the fear that comes with it, can be easy and incredibly beneficial. I trust that if you spend 45 minutes talking to someone about it, you WILL feel better.

Our nervous systems need help regulating at times. This is normal and OK. Instead of suffering through spiraling emotions, thoughts and body pains on your own, please reach out to someone.

When a dysregulated person talks to a regulated person, their nervous systems “meet” and the dysregulated system becomes regulated. The power of human interaction is undeniably amazing.

If you are struggling with finding a regulated person to talk to, reach out for a counseling session. Counseling sessions at Thriveworks are easy, relaxing and enjoyable. Our counselors will meet you online. Feel free to make yourself comfortable at home as we talk together about what’s happening. The best part—your insurance will likely pay for most of the session. Some insurance companies are even waiving co-pays for counseling sessions.

There really isn’t anything to lose by talking to someone. Give it try! Talk to a friend or family member or give us a call or email us:



We will get through this, let’s do it together.

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