Finding Peace through Radical Acceptance in Colorado Springs, CO

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Finding Peace through Radical Acceptance in Colorado Springs, CO

Feeling out-of-control—this is awful, right? Nobody likes to feel like they don’t have control. This is one of the most difficult aspects of being a human and living in a society.

Not being in control can cause fear and anxiety. Humans spend a lot of time and energy planning and developing strategies to get things, “under control”. This can be helpful, but what about when things don’t go as planned? Typically, this leads to agitation at the least and rage at the worst. Or possibly a person reacts by giving up— hands in the air—done trying or caring.

It can feel like the world is against us, we are fighting against reality or people are “out to get us”. This is a very uncomfortable and fearful place to be.

What if we stop fighting for control? What might happen? As we consider this, many people’s fear/anxiety will rise immediately. Accepting that we don’t have control over certain circumstances can be frightening.

A concept to consider, that has been helping many people is: Radical Acceptance.

This foundational concept has been used in the mental health world for years. The concept seems simple:

  • It’s the act of embracing what is happening now.
  • Accepting yourself, as is.
  • Accepting that we cannot control others.
  • Accepting things we may not like (Corona Virus, Stay-at-Home order, red lights, bills, child’s tantrum….)

As you can imagine, living out this concept takes practice! Remember that we don’t have to like all things that happen, and don’t need to give in to situations that may be unjust or harmful. We can simply accept what is happening and take appropriate actions as we move forward.

When we accept life’s circumstance, we can choose how to respond. This is where we have control—in our response.

Once we are practicing Radical Acceptance, we’ll feel more peaceful. Peace leads to contentment and even happiness. Even though we may be in difficult circumstances, we can feel positive emotions. If you are wanting to get out of a rut, and feel positively again, consider Radical Acceptance and try a few of the items listed below. Being pro-active in keeping ourselves at peace and feeling content takes time and effort.

  • Exercise: the benefits are limitless! Even 20 min provides benefits.
  • Meditate: this isn’t spiritual meditation, give it a try! There are many apps available for mini-meditations. Start small – maybe a 2-minute session.
  • Foster relationships: reach out to family and friends. We have many ways to communicate – face time, email, text, social media, calling – we really don’t’ have any excuses. Social interaction is essential to being human.
  • Be Creative: take pictures, bake, paint, write dance.
  • Laugh at yourself: This takes the pressure off of being perfect. Humor bring happiness and peace every time.

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