Parenting Teens and Preteens in Colorado Springs, CO

Parenting Teens and Preteens in Colorado Springs, CO

There are a lot of challenges in our world. I’d like to vote these two as some of the greatest challenges:

  1. Parenting – kids don’t come with a manual! There are so many different parenting styles – where do I start?
  2. Teens and Preteens – they have a different perspective and different values than adults! In addition, the brain isn’t fully developed, which can lead to poor judgement and impulsiveness. Let’s face it, with the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical differences it can be difficult to understand them.

There are some people out there who have risen to these challenges and are parenting teens and preteens. We want to give them a High Five and “Thank you!” – we all know this isn’t easy.

When things are hard, it helps to join others to feel inspired, supported and connected. The goals at the Parenting Teen and Preteen Thriveworks Workshop are:

  • To raise responsible teens
  • To avoid power struggles
  • To build a realistic consequence structure
  • Collaboration, support, and problem solving!

We believe, in parenting, there is no such thing as perfection. Each family is unique with strengths and challenges. By working together, collaboration typically results in parents feeling supported; having tools and resources to parent confidently and effectively. The goal is for you to feel comfortable within your family, and able to provide the love and support to help your teen or preteen grow and develop.

Parenting is tough, it can bring about strong emotions, challenge our patience and trigger major stress responses. Sometimes exhaustion and lack of sleep compound issues, creating a devastating combination. Other times there will come a situation where a parent hasn’t encountered yet and is looking for ideas and strategies.

Because you are the expert on your child, the workshop instructor will work in a collaborative style. With the training and expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy; the instructor will work with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Teens through us a curve balls such as:

“I can’t let them know that punishments work, then they’ll punish me more.”

“I make drama in my life because sometimes I have nothing else.”

Teens and Preteens draw conclusions from their experiences that may not make sense to us, as in the statements above. The confusion and frustration can be real for caretakers!

No matter the reason you are reaching out for support, whether it’s an academic, personal, or social concern, we are equipped to help. Our professionals have experience working with many issues facing adolescents today:

  • Gaming addictions, Social Media addictions
  • Self-harm
  • Panic attacks, Social anxiety
  • Depression, Isolation, Suicidal thoughts
  • Anger, Lying
  • Family dynamics
  • Perfectionism
  • Low self esteem
  • Academic, Attendance, Focusing concerns
  • Discipline problems

It’s difficult to see your child facing difficult issues. Let’s get your teen back to a place they can grow and thrive. Working through a situation early helps to prevent poor coping habits and prevents a drop in self-esteem.

In addition to the above concerns, we want to help your teen and preteen to grow and develop higher levels of personal development. Growth in compassion and empathy will help them in their social world. Growth in self-esteem will help them cope with mistakes and try new things. Growth in perseverance will help them to hang in there and not give up quickly when things become difficult. All of these areas of development help a child to become resilient, which will help them to have the confidence to overcome whatever life throws at them.

Parenting takes much patience. We will make mistakes; we will have regrets. This quote is important as we work to become the best parents we can be.

“Have patience with all things, But, first of all with yourself.” ~Saint Francis de Sales

What can I expect at a Parenting Teens/Preteens Workshop at Thriveworks?

  • The workshop will be through video while we are in the quarantine. Attendees simply click a link from their device and join the workshop.
  • There will be 8-15 attendees with the instructor, leading the class.
  • The class is intellectual: The instructor will explain concepts that may be beneficial through lecture.
  • The class is experiential: Attendees have the choice to engage in activities to try out the newly learned concepts.
  • The class is collaborative in nature; the instructor would like to hear of your specific concerns and goals.

Cassie, Parenting Teens and Preteens Workshop Instructor at Thriveworks Counseling in Colorado Springs:

​Cassie has a passion for working with families, teens and preteens.  Her workshop environment is non-judgmental, where participants are free to explore their parenting in an honest way. Participants will typically share and learn from each other in a supportive environment. Through laughter, Cassie is able to inspire, support and connect with parents.

Cassie has a variety of experience in different settings, with individuals and families. Having travelled, studied abroad, and worked in many different fields, she has developed a wide background of experiences and is able to connect with nearly anyone on their journey.

Cassie relies mainly on a systemic and humanistic approach. The humanistic approach is simply a positive approach to therapy that focuses on a person’s individual nature. A systemic approach, takes into consideration the power of relationships, interactions of groups such as the patterns and dynamics. She also uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and is open to use anything that may help her clients.



  • Every other Tuesday
  • 6:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Starting April 14th, 2020


  • Online at Google Meet


  • $20 / session
  • Call us to see if your insurance will cover the cost
  • No commitment. Come once or come weekly.

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“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.” Rumi 

Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Wonderful therapist ☺️

Marie Beltran is such a wonderful therapist. She’s patient very caring and understanding. She truly a joy to talk to ? Thankful to have such a great therapist in my life ❤️
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Jerry was Amazing!

Jerry was amazing! Jerry uses choice theory in order to help his patients grow and work through their problems. Choice theory was helpful through my relationship counseling but also could be used individually to helps each person grow themselves. Jerry used real scenarios in order to water down the theory, making it less scientific and more geared toward individual use. Jerry was patient, helpful, and very understanding.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


My therapist Rachel is the perfect therapist for me and the first one who I've told almost everything to and I could never ask for a better therapist thank you Rachel for changing my life and making a difference in my life and protecting me as well as helping and encouraging me even when I didn't wanna do your challenges cuz I didn't think I could do it and thanks for not letting me do whatever I want and helping me be a better person and thanks for your funny spider stories that cheer me up and when you were Sarcastic sometimes I love everything about you and thanks for being an Angel and for your kindness and Compassion I too have your back and care about you!
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Saved my Daughter

Cassie has done wonders for my daughter. She has come so far in this past year. I am so thankful for the relationship my daughter and I have now. Before Cassie we were a wreck. We love so Cassie so much. I couldn't ask for a better councilor/ therapist/ mentor.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


Thrive has helped my husband so much. He has vestibular issues and it creates bad balance problems. It also has created left side weakness and he has had to use a cane to assist him with walking and stairs. Since being treated at Thrive, he only uses his,cane with stairs now and on occasion when he isn't feeling that well. His balance has improved abiut 65% also. His moods are much better now also since he can get around better by himself! Thank you Thrive for all you have done for my husband and our family!
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


I love going here every Monday it's the best thing to talk to someone that I connect with and helping me through my challenges.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Awesome care

Lindsay Schustedt has been seeing my 6 year old for a few months now. My daughter has been excited to go to counseling since she gets to see Lindsay. Lindsay has also been able to learn more about the issues that my daughter is experiencing. I believe that Lindsay is a very good counselor and I look forward to taking my daughter to see her in the future. I also have appreciated the communication that Lindsay has had with me regarding my daughter. Thank you Lindsay and ThriveWorks.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

The best therapists across the Front Range!

I was recommended to Thriveworks by District 11 for my son who is diagnosed with Autism, PTSD, ADHD and RAD. He had a quite abusive life, prior to my adopting him. Directly from the onset of my scheduling his intake to his intake appointment, my spirit felt that this was going to be the correct place for him to be. Rachel, his therapist, is amazing! The entire staff is amazing. Their communication skills are dynamic and Talon is responding so positively; actually more so than he has with any other therapy group. The focus is on his success! Success in overcoming his obstacles and in life. As a therapist, myself, I highly recommend Thriveworks! Empathy, Compassion, Dynamic abilities in using therapeutic tools and in teaching clients how to use and apply them in life.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

So thankful

So very thankful I chose Thriveworks and Kara Kays. Our time together was very helpful, and I made great progress. BDT was not like anything I’ve done before. Old way was to talk about the past and what made me who I am, new way is what is happening today, how can I be effective in my relationships today. Loved the learning tools, and I really clicked with Kara. Great experience
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Excellent, Compassionate Counselor

I have known Jerry Noel for 16 years and worked with him for 13 of those years. He is an excellent counselor who is empathetic and easily bonds with people especially adolescents. After establishing an easy, supportive rapport, Jerry can effectively guide adolescents in choices that benefits their confidence and self-esteem. I highly recommend Jerry to help others improve their mental health and lead productive lives.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Becky is a great support.

Becky is a very compassionate, supportive and helpful clinical social worker.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


I have been working with Katrina for 2 weeks now and she is great. I feel so comfortable with her and she has so much knowledge. She is also very honest.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Caring Listener

Lisa is a warm, empathetic counselor with great listening skills and helpful guidance.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


Thriveworks provides professional, yet welcoming counseling services that genuinely aid those in need. Lisa is an amazing counselor that is able to combine her knowledge and empathy to help others overcome their adversity. Her experience and therapeutic strategies make it easy to highly recommend her!!
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


Becky is truly exceptional. She expresses empathy towards her clients and has great depth and knowledge of various therapeutic strategies.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


I can't say enough good things about Julie! Her caring and compassion shine through in everything she does. Her experience and training working with children and adolescents is extensive. I would highly recommend her!
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

THRIVEWORKS Colorado Springs

THRIVEWORKS Colorado Springs - a counseling office with professional, caring counselors, a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, easy appointment availability, insurance acceptance, and help with a great variety of life's challenges. WOW!
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Amazing People

Drew Pierce is a great individual and counselor. SO genuine and personable, look forward to working with him again.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Good listener

Lisa Smith is a caring, empathetic person. I feel truly heard when I talk to her.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Caring professional counselor

Sara Mann is a caring, outgoing think outside of the box with great solutions orientated counselor. She is personable, humble, kind and compassionate with a commitment to helping people.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Quality People

Sara Mann is a quality individual. I have worked with her for years and find her to be one of the most caring and down-to-earth counselors I've ever encountered. Sara has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Making an appointment

I’ve never had a more difficult time just setting up an appointment. The lady who took my call seemed to be very inconvenienced with what I needed. There was hostility in her voice when I asked questions that she obviously deemed as common knowledge. When she finally found a counselor for my needs, and we moved to make an appointment, even though I said I would take time off work, she still seemed very rude with wanting to make an appointment. I read the profiles of many of the counselors, and they seem like wonderful people. But because of my initial contact with attempting to make an appointment, I will not be seeing anyone here.
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