Counseling for People with Hearing Loss in Colorado Springs, CO

Emotional, mental, and behavioral struggles don’t discriminate. Whatever your background or current predicament, disaster can strike. Where you turn for help shouldn’t be limited, and yet for so many people, it is.

Thriveworks Colorado Springs is working to provide more opportunities for those who are lacking. If you or a loved one has hearing loss, you deserve the same chances to grow and heal as someone without a healing loss.

What Is Counseling for People with Hearing Loss?

It is the same as counseling for people with perfect hearing, just with a communication system that fits your needs. Searching for a counselor that you feel comfortable communicating with can be a long and arduous search. To do it on top of the stress, warring emotions, and less-than-ideal situations that prompted you to seek counseling in the first place is a show of your perseverance and strength!

Thriveworks Colorado Springs desires to see all of our clients grow past their current circumstances and into the life they’ve always dreamed of. It may seem like a long shot right now, but with the right support, that life is possible. And it’s possible for you.

Our counselor fluent in ASL is ready and able to work with you, being your guide and support as together, we take the steps towards a healthier, happier you. Our counseling sessions always strive to provide even ground between you and our counselors. It is a partnership, and we’ll work together to find the best path forward for you.

Afterall, each person is entirely unique. Even members of the hard of hearing community have different backgrounds and style of communication. In a counseling session, all of your uniqueness should shine, each piece helping us move forward.

Communication is hard no matter what language you’re using. And while it’ll always take some time to grow comfortable and accustomed to each other’s unique signing styles, our counselors are trained first and foremost with empathy. We will always put you and your health first.

Thriveworks Colorado Springs is a client-centered practice, which means we value the uniqueness of each individual and situation. We will build a treatment plan off of those factors, not from a cut-and-paste copy.

What Services Does Thriveworks Colorado Springs Offer for the Deaf And Hard of Hearing?

Everything and anything we offer every other client that walks through our doors! We’re all human, and similar pains dog us all. Of course, it’ll look differently from person to person, but the specifics of what you’re struggling with shouldn’t impair you from finding help and growing beyond it.

As a member of the deaf and hard of hearing community, you might have unique symptoms, questions, or struggles that people outside the community can’t relate to. We can discuss those concerns in a counseling session as well.

Thriveworks Colorado Springs believes there is never a problem too big or too small that should impair you from coming to counseling. Our counselors are here for you no matter what!

Some of topics we might discuss in a session include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-Harm/Suicidal ideation
  • Family Therapy
  • Deaf Identity
  • Life Coaching/Personal Development
  • Addictions
  • Trauma
  • And much more!

If you aren’t sure if counseling is the right step for you, give us a visit. We can help you decide what the best path is, and help you get there.

You deserve to be at your best- emotionally, mentally, and physically. Thriveworks Colorado Springs is excited to help you get there.

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Jerry was Amazing!

Jerry was amazing! Jerry uses choice theory in order to help his patients grow and work through their problems...Read more

. Choice theory was helpful through my relationship counseling but also could be used individually to helps each person grow themselves. Jerry used real scenarios in order to water down the theory, making it less scientific and more geared toward individual use. Jerry was patient, helpful, and very understanding.

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs


My therapist Rachel is the perfect therapist for me and the first one who I've told almost everything to and I...Read more

could never ask for a better therapist thank you Rachel for changing my life and making a difference in my life and protecting me as well as helping and encouraging me even when I didn't wanna do your challenges cuz I didn't think I could do it and thanks for not letting me do whatever I want and helping me be a better person and thanks for your funny spider stories that cheer me up and when you were Sarcastic sometimes I love everything about you and thanks for being an Angel and for your kindness and Compassion I too have your back and care about you!

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Thriveworks Counseling Colorado Springs

Saved my Daughter

Cassie has done wonders for my daughter. She has come so far in this past year. I am so thankful for the relat...Read more

ionship my daughter and I have now. Before Cassie we were a wreck. We love so Cassie so much. I couldn't ask for a better councilor/ therapist/ mentor.

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