Counseling for Coronavirus Anxiety in Colorado Springs, CO

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Counseling for Coronavirus Anxiety in Colorado Springs, CO

We live in uncertain times. Schools are closing down, borders are closing up, it’s becoming dangerous to visit loved ones whether they live down the block or across the country. And underlying it all is a flood of contradicting information. What should you believe? How far is too far? Is it time to panic? Why is everyone so obsessed with toilet paper?

The Coronavirus has imbued uncertainty, anxiety, and fear in so many people’s lives. So much so that there’s a second epidemic sweeping the nation: Coronavirus anxiety.

The levels of virus-related fear is a very real and very painful struggle. Thriveworks Colorado Springs wants to reach out a hand and say:

You are not alone

Let’s say it again, because it can be hard to believe:

You are not alone. 

Yes, the future is uncertain. Yes, things can be scary. But more powerful than any of this is the strength of our community and human kindness. Thriveworks Colorado Springs is just one of many small, locally owned companies helping our community to not only survive during this tumultuous time but to thrive. Although we should definitely take precautions, spiraling into a panic is not the answer. We understand the desire to protect your loved ones and to hide away from the world completely. But while you are protecting and loving, now more than ever we have to take care of our mental health.

Symptoms of anxiety have grown rampant in our communities, and are so commonplace many people have trouble recognizing the symptoms. Here are some symptoms that could mean the coronavirus has taken parts of your life it has no business being a part of:

  • You check the news obsessively
  • You have stomach pains, trouble sleeping, or headaches
  • Your eating habits have changed
  • Your thoughts have begun to loop around worst-case scenarios and all the things you should be doing.

These are just a few of the symptoms of coronavirus anxiety. Note that self-isolating isn’t on the list. In some cases, self-quarantine is absolutely necessary, especially if you or a loved one is at high risk. The issue that comes with self-isolation is you start to believe the lie coronavirus has been spreading: you are alone.

Thriveworks Colorado Springs wants to shout it to everyone in the community:

You are not alone. You are strong and together we will get through this. 

Whether it is the physical ailments of the virus giving you anxiety or the economic implications of the shutdowns causing anxiety in your family, business, or community, it is good to talk about these things. Millions across the country are feeling the same way as you. It’s time for us to come together and lift each other up, which is why Thriveworks Colorado Springs is offering coronavirus anxiety specific counseling. If you’re struggling to keep your head above the water of doubt, fear, and uncertainty; an online counseling session with Thriveworks Colorado Springs can help you and your loved ones regain your footing and continue to thrive.

By doing video therapy, as opposed to in-person therapy we are helping to contain the spread of the virus while still getting people the mental health support they need.

We accept most insurances and also offer an affordable self-pay option. Contact our staff today if you are in the need of mental health counseling.

It’s important to upkeep your mental health and combat anxiety in your day to day life. Here are some tips:

  • Schedule times during the day you can check the news. Don’t look at the news outside of those times. Three 10-minute sessions are more than enough to stay on top of coronavirus news while keeping healthy boundaries for your anxiety and mental health.
  • Keep in contact with loved ones. Technology has granted us the amazing gift of being able to stay in touch without being physically close. Change up how you contact people by doing facetime or skype. Seeing the faces of your loved ones can make a huge difference.
  • Participate in a quarantine cake-swap (Or swapping something else you are passionate about). This is a simple, fun way to engage in your community without being physically present. Bake a cake (or buy your favorite book or movie or write a letter) and place it outside the door of a friend or neighbor. When they receive the gift they can continue to swap with you or continue the act of kindness with another neighbor or friend.
  • Upkeep healthy habits. Eat healthy meals with protein and vegetables. Look up how to do at-home workouts. Get involved with an online community to keep you accountable.
  • Add something new to your routine: try meditation, yoga, or journaling. Try something that is new, different, and uplifting to help you process everything that is going on.
  • Don’t forget to live! Dye your hair, bake a fancy cake, learn a new dance move, finish that construction project in your kitchen, finally learn how to make the perfect espresso, become a plant parent, don’t let your anxiety and coronavirus win, don’t forget to live. 
  • A great website to check out is:

The goal at Thriveworks Colorado Springs has always been to uplift this community, and that does not change because of the coronavirus. If you are struggling because of the uncertainty of today, let us talk with you through safe, video therapy sessions.

Call 719-266-3919 or email if you’d like to talk with someone about this in detail.

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