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All of us wish we could foster a relationship completely void of conflict. But that’s just not possible because a relationship void of conflict doesn’t exist. It’s unfortunate, but the silver lining is that overcoming the conflict together strengthens the bond between two individuals and intensifies the relationship. That being said, overcoming conflict isn’t always the simplest task. It can actually prove pretty difficult and necessitate the help of a couples counselor.

“Just as you go to the gym regularly to keep your body fit, regular couples counseling can keep your relationship fit as well.”

–Laura Wasser

If you and your significant other are experiencing conflict and you’re struggling to come to a resolution, work with a couples counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights. We have caring, skilled, and experienced providers who focus on helping couples build happier, healthier relationships. One of our couples counselors can help you and your partner talk through jealousy, parenting conflicts, intimacy issues, and other relationship problems.

You could be in the early or late stages of your relationship. In other words, you could be newly dating, recently engaged, or married for 10+ years. Whatever the case, a couples counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights can prove valuable to your life. If you want to build a successful relationship, give us a call today at (586) 238-4265 and we can set you up with one of our counselors.

Who Can Benefit from Working with a Couples Counselor?

To echo what we said before, we believe that all relationships can benefit from the help of a couples counselor. You might especially benefit, of course, if there is a conflict that you can’t seem to resolve. For example, here are a few challenges that couples face and bring up in couples counseling:

  • Miscommunication
  • Jealousy issues
  • Infidelity or betrayal
  • Parental disagreement
  • Different visions for the future
  • Lack of intimacy or connection
  • Identity crises

This list does not include every challenge or topic discussed in couples counseling. It is simply meant to show the range of issues a professional can help couples with. That said, you can also find benefit in working with a couples counselor even if there is no identifiable issue at hand. In this case, your counselor will work to equip you and your partner with important tools for maintaining a happy, healthy relationship even when a conflict does arise. Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Call Thriveworks Sterling Heights today.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

We keep stressing that every couples and relationship can find some benefit in working with a counselor. Again, this is due to the fact that no relationship is completely void of conflict! At least not for long. Challenges will arise, and a couples counselor can equip you with the tools to properly put out the fire. For example, many counselors working with couples dedicate sessions to teaching the two individuals how to communicate properly. Here are a few tips they might give you in counseling:

  1. Don’t place blame: Instead of accusing your partner (or appearing to accuse your partner) with “you always” and “you never” statements, use universal phrases. For example, it’s much more productive to start with “I feel.” This will prevent your partner from feeling blamed for the problem at hand.
  2. Concentrate on one problem at a time: It’s easy to bring in past fights or other problems but doing so isn’t productive. Instead, you should focus on one challenge at a time. For example, if you’re trying to resolve a scheduling conflict, don’t bring up a disagreement you two had about your children the other day. Stay on the topic at hand.

These communication strategies can go a long way. For these and other helpful communication techniques, consider working with a couples counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights.

Schedule a Couples Counseling Session at Thriveworks Sterling Heights

Are you interested in building a strong relationship? A couples counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights can help you accomplish this important mission. They are skilled providers who offer specialized care to the individuals they see in counseling.

Call today to schedule an appointment at Thriveworks Sterling Heights. We offer flexible appointments, including evening and weekend sessions, to best serve our community. We also partner with many different insurances. We want to help you live better. Call (586) 238-4265 to meet with a couples counselor today.

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