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When we’re young, we dream about becoming an astronaut, doctor, teacher, fashion designer. And some of us go on to pursue these young dreams. But many of us pursue other career paths, as our interests have changed, or we’ve recognized the need to consider other factors that eliminate our first job interests. For example: An individual who wanted to be a doctor growing up, might now remove this from his list of possibilities due to the amount of schooling it takes or its time-consuming hours. This person might prioritize spending time with as much time with family as possible instead!

There is a wide range of considerations when it comes to choosing a career path and the right job for you, from what will make you happy to what will pay rent and allow you as well as your family to live comfortably. Finding a job that fills all of your wants and needs can be difficult—fortunately, though, there are people who have gone down a certain career path that enables them to help you choose yours! These people are called career counselors or career coaches. And they bring relevant skills and experience to the table to help you choose your career.

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” –Dwayne Johnson

If you are interested in working with a career counselor and you’re in the Macomb are, consider working with a career counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights, MI. We have career counselors on staff who can help you as soon as tomorrow. These professionals will assist you in weighing all of the important factors and ultimately choosing which career path to pursue. To schedule your first career counseling or career coaching appointment, just give Thriveworks Sterling Heights a call at (586) 238-4265.

What Is Career Counseling? How Does Career Coaching Work?

Career counselors can help many different kinds of people find the career path that is best suited for them. They can also help people find greater success and fulfillment in their current job. Because one’s career is important at any age, career coaches can help people who are recent college graduates, as well as those who are only several years from retirement. Whatever the case, your career counselor will help you explore your options and make the decision that will best benefit your health and happiness. They might ask you to explore the following important questions to help you make this decision:

  • What career opportunities are available to me?
  • What kind of job will make me happy?
  • What career will I succeed in?
  • What kind of job will allow me to live comfortably?
  • What careers am I interested in?
  • What skills do I have?
  • Am I looking for local opportunities or am I willing to travel?
  • How important is the commute?

These are just a few questions that can supplement your decision-making process. If you want professional help exploring these questions and ultimately finding greater happiness and success in your career, consider working with a career counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights. We can help you as soon as tomorrow!

Work with a Career Counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights, MI in Macomb County

Career counseling is designed to help people make the right career decisions, in terms of what will best benefit them. There are many things to consider when choosing your career and job, including your likes and dislikes, financial responsibilities, lifestyle, and needs. If you could benefit from talking these considerations out and you are in Macomb County, talk to a career counselor at Thriveworks Sterling Heights, MI. We have career counselors on staff who want to help you right now. Seriously, right now. If you’re ready to come in and see us, we can get you scheduled for an appointment as soon as tomorrow.

When you partner up with Thriveworks Sterling Heights, you can expect premium mental health services and benefits. In addition to working with a counselor who has expert skills and experience, you will enjoy benefits like flexible scheduling, exceptional customer service, innovative technologies, and more.

We’re excited to work with you—contact us today to schedule your first career counseling appointment by calling (586) 238-4265.

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