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Are you on a search for online counseling in Sterling Heights, MI or the Detroit area? You are in the right place! Thriveworks Sterling Heights offers online therapy sessions, in addition to many other mental health services. Many people have found that online therapy enables them to fit it into their busy schedule. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, reach out to Thriveworks Sterling Heights.

If you’re all set to schedule your first online therapy appointment or you want to hear about other therapy opportunities in Macomb, call Thriveworks Sterling Heights at (586) 238-4265. We are ready to provide you with the help and support you need to live better! Reach out today to begin working with an online therapist.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

Online therapy is likely just as you imagine it to be. It involves working with a therapist via the internet or phone call. You can choose to work with your online therapist over the phone, via video call, or via email/chat. Here’s a little bit about how each works:

  • Work with an online therapist over the phone: One option is to schedule weekly or biweekly phone meetings with your therapist! You’ll simply agree on a set day and time and then attend your session via phone call.
  • Work with an online therapist over video call: You can also choose to work with your online therapist via video call. As with phone therapy, you will schedule a video meeting with your therapist and then attend via video.
  • Work with an online therapist via email or chat: Finally, you can choose to work with a therapist on a more flexible schedule, via email or chat. Instead of picking a set time frame to talk, you’ll work together over a more flexible, extended period of time.

Online therapy is a great option for many reasons. The primary benefit, though, is its convenience. A problem for many when it comes to obtaining mental health services, is fitting therapy or counseling into their already demanding schedule. Online therapy helps to eliminate this problem, as you don’t have to carve out time in your schedule to drive to a therapy office. Instead, you can schedule an appointment and then attend your appointment from wherever you may need (so long as you have access to the internet).

What Are the Perks of Online Therapy Counseling?

As we touched on earlier, online mental health therapy proves to be the right option for many individuals in need of mental health services. This approach to therapy provides many benefits that other forms of therapy do not, including:

  1. Utmost convenience: Online therapy is as convenient as it gets. For many people, therapy is inconvenient because they have a busy schedule on their hands and can’t possibly make room for another appointment. Online therapy addresses this problem by allowing clients to attend their therapy session from wherever they need to. So, for example, one can attend therapy on their lunch break at work!
  2. Undeniable comfort: Online therapy counseling is also as comfortable as it gets! Instead of working with your therapist in their office, you have the freedom to work with your online therapist from the comfort (and convenience) of your bed, couch, or anywhere else you please.
  3. Unbeatable flexibility: Online therapy is also flexible, as clients can call in and book online therapy sessions with ease and quickness. Therapists are much more likely to have sooner availability for online therapy because of its convenience.

Are you searching for Macomb therapy? Are you intrigued by the convenience, comfort, and flexibility that comes with online therapy counseling? Reach out to Thriveworks Sterling Heights, MI.

Work with an Online Therapist at Thriveworks Sterling Heights in Detroit

Have you been looking for the right mental health services? Are you in search of therapy in the Detroit or Macomb County area? Thriveworks Sterling Heights can fill this need and offer you utmost convenience and comfort. You can work with an online therapist today. All you have to do is give us a call at (586) 238-4265. We can tell you more about our services as well as the premium benefits at Thriveworks Sterling Heights. You can also book an online therapy session (or another mental health service) here.

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