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We often think of childhood as a carefree time in life. In reality, however, childhood as well as adolescence are often challenging times for kids and teens. Try to remember what it was like all those years ago: when you were still learning essential life tools like communication techniques, stress management, and emotional regulation. These don’t come naturally to us; we must learn them instead. And sometimes, it proves difficult for kids and/or teens to navigate the challenges that arise as they grow through this crucial time in their lives.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”


–John F. Kennedy

Fortunately, there are professionals who specialize in helping young individuals through these difficult times. The main mission of a child therapist is to help kids and teens understand and better manage the challenges they face. They work to teach their young clients tools for living happier, healthier lives.

If your child or teenager appears to be struggle—or has outright told you they are struggling—consider scheduling an appointment with a child therapist at Thriveworks Sterling Heights. One of our child therapists can help kids and teens feel more confident, enjoy school, get treatment for a mental illness, better grieve the loss of a loved one, and more. They can make a meaningful difference in your child’s life. Call today to book an appointment.

What Might Necessitate Therapy for a Child?

You might hesitate to schedule a child therapy session for your child because you aren’t sure they “need” it. But we suggest you think about it this way: decide whether or not you think your child might benefit from work working with a therapist. The truth is that many kids and teenagers can find value in working with a therapist, including those with signs of a mental illness (such as depression or anxiety) or those who are running into trouble in adjusting to a new town or school. Here’s a longer list to help you best understand how kids might benefit from talking to a professional:

  • A kid who is afraid to go to school and their parents don’t know why
  • A child who just lost a loved one and doesn’t know how to grieve properly
  • A teen who is showing signs of a mental disorder
  • A kid who is getting bullied at their new school
  • A child who needs help developing social or communication skills
  • A teen who just witnessed a traumatic event

This list could go on and on. It does not include every single kid or teenager who could find value in working with a therapist. So, if your child needs help managing any particular challenge, or if you have a hunch that they would benefit from meeting with one of our therapists, give Thriveworks Sterling Heights a call.

What Is Child Therapy Like?

Therapy is unfamiliar territory, which can make it scary. But how do you conquer your fear of the unknown? You explore it. Many people who decide to explore therapy are relieved that they did and only wish they gave in sooner. You don’t have to be afraid of therapy and neither does your child. Here are a few approaches to child therapy:

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): The goal of CBT is to help people understand and identify negative thoughts, of which contribute to harmful mental health problems like stress and anxiety. For example, a teen can create a lot of stress for him or herself by putting themselves down every time they don’t do as well on a test as they had hoped.
  2. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): DBT is often used to help kids learn emotional regulation. It is especially useful when it comes to children and teens who have trouble understanding and control their emotions, as well as those who aren’t equipped with the right tools to manage stress.
  3. Play Therapy: Play therapy is also effective for many kids in therapy. It utilizes play and art therapy techniques to help kids explain and work through personal issues, such as their parents divorcing or getting bullied at school.

Schedule a Session with a Child Therapist at Thriveworks Sterling Heights

To schedule a child therapy appointment at Thriveworks Sterling Heights, give us a call at (586) 238-4265. Our therapists want to help your child to live a happier life. And they’re ready to start today if you are.

We offer flexible options for scheduling, including evening and weekend sessions. Additionally, we partner with many different insurances, to best ensure that you have access to the mental health services your child needs. Call today and a scheduling specialist will get you all set up.

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