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From learning difficulties to trauma and a lack of self-confidence, play therapy for children offers a multitude of benefits. For busy parents, providing your children the resources they need to develop into healthy, balanced teens and adults is imperative, but a busy lifestyle and lack of training can leave you limited as to how to help them. When exploring play therapy: how it can help your child includes the introduction of coping techniques, skill development and addressing problem behavior. The role of a play therapist is to observe and interpret children’s behaviors that may reveal underlying difficulties.

Supports Emotional Expression

For very young children, the ability to describe their emotions simply cannot be verbalized. Kids do not have the awareness and the language to tell you they feel stressed, anxious or depressed. Through play therapy, they can use action and behavior to depict what they are feeling and thinking.

Children are often labeled as naughty or problematic when breaking out in tantrums or failing to listen to instruction but in many cases underlying problems including trauma could be the cause. Failing to address these problems correctly can compromise the well-being of your children and leave them increasingly susceptible to future problems and deviances.

Encourages Independence and Creativity

Providing young ones the tools they need to express themselves can create exceptional results. Children who are equipped to explore their environment with the proper tools can feel motivated and confident to take control of their feelings and organize their thoughts. The introduction of puzzles, art therapy and interactive play allow kids to see the bigger picture. They can better regulate and channel negative emotions through engagement they understand and can relate to. The freedom of play will allow children to make decisions and build trust and confidence in a supportive environment.

Improves Social Skills and Relationships

From the games to the toys presented in a play therapy class, each one is carefully selected to assess child behavior. Certain games may offer children choices. A child can choose to cheat at the game, withdraw from it or express another emotion that allows the therapist to explore the reasons for specific choices. The therapist can guide the child towards open communication and learning ways of explaining to their parents what they think or how they feel under specific circumstances. When children feel safe enough to express themselves, it can lift a huge burden off their well-being and prevent bottled emotions.

When to See a Play Therapist

All children can benefit from the assistance of a play therapist. The professional can assist in identifying problem behaviors, learning difficulties and signs of trauma. Parents are not trained in play therapy to identify these occurrences. By visiting a play therapist at Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching – McDonough, you would learn of the tools you can introduce to help your child reach emotional balance. Providing kids, the very best start can support their future successes. Understanding the reasons for children’s behavior can also provide the tools you need to guide them through life’s journey. To schedule an appointment with a play therapy expert, call us at (678) 853-5849.

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