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Children recognized as severely inattentive are classified as ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder while inattentiveness combined with hyperactivity involves Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. With the rise in the diagnoses of these disorders, more parents are relying on prescription medication alone to control symptoms in their kids. While attention deficit and the hyperactive conditions require medication to manage disruptive symptoms, combining prescriptions with therapy can provide your child the best possible start and a bright future. Learn of the benefits that ADD/ADHD counseling can provide for current and future psychological health and well-being.

The Difference between ADD and ADHD

Both ADD and ADHD are complex behavioural and cognitive disorders that predominantly present in children but can appear in adulthood too. The symptoms experienced by young children and teenagers can quickly delay essential cognitive development. An inability to sustain attention and focus can make it impossible for young ones to keep up with their peers in a classroom or commit to their studies. Hyperactivity can disrupt other students, resulting in a “bad” or “naughty” label among classmates and educators.

ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder. It involves an inability to maintain focus or sustain attention. ADD makes it difficult to carry out a full set of instructions, causes constant distractions and is disruptive to learning. Children with ADD may fidget and will often suffer delays in their learning and schoolwork.

ADHD includes difficulties sustaining attention and focus but also hyperactive behaviors. Hyperactivity causes an abundance of uncontrolled energy that can leave children bouncing off the walls. Children can be boisterous, loud, cut-into conversations and come across as obnoxious in adulthood.

Treatment for ADD and ADHD

A primary treatment for both ADD/ADHD is medication. Unfortunately, medication alone does not teach children the skills they need to manage their symptoms and control their behaviors. Counseling is an integrated process involving parents and caregivers. It is important to learn the steps that must be taken to raise a child with ADD or ADHD. Patience, understanding and structure are key factors that must be incorporated in the home environment. A therapist can introduce important tools and resources all families managing attention deficient disorders can benefit from.

A professional Thriveworks McDonough ADD and ADHD counselor can assess your child’s overall mental development. This includes the detection of learning deficits and delays in schoolwork. Children who are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD need to be guided on managing their emotions, their thoughts and how to sustain their focus.

For adults, a professional ADHD and ADD counselor engages individuals through learning exercises and activities that teach healthy social and interpersonal skills to develop healthy, lasting relationships.

Treatment for attention deficit and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders include; a combination of prescription medication, diet modifications and supportive, educational therapy. The entire family must be involved in the counseling process to best understand the symptoms and how to manage poor behaviors.

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