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“Recently, our company underwent a bit of a shift, and they made an effort to change company culture with it. We got a massage therapist, which was great, but they also made space available for a mental health therapist. Just having her available in the same office made it so much more convenient, and with that convenience came the realization that I wouldn’t mind talking to someone. I’m actually a little surprised at how much I feel like it’s helped.”

Workplace life, even if employees enjoy their work, has gotten fast-paced enough that it can be deeply stressful. While some employers may say, “That’s not my problem,” the reality is, it is their problem, if for no other reason than productivity.

Stressed, overworked, misunderstood employees can simply not be as productive as content, challenged employees who feel they have a good work-life balance. Offering counseling in the workplace allows the employer to get their employees the help they need to be successful, while cultivating appreciation from the employees. Employees who feel their employer cares for them are more likely to be positive, which directly impacts the working environment. A positive work environment increases employee productivity and decreases both workplace arguments and turn-over.

As you can see, it’s a cycle. Give us a call today to discuss how counseling in the workplace may help you or your company.

Mental Health Counseling

It is no secret that employees are being asked to produce more results with fewer resources. It is often disguised in phrases such as “gaining greater efficiency” or “increasing productivity.” The truth of the matter is that our pace is getting faster and faster, even with the push-back of millennials, who are making work-life balance a priority with demands such as greater flexibility and more paid time off. In addition to the workplace requirements, employees are also faced with greater personal demands which, when combined, create dangerous levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. That should matter to the employer, because those conditions, over time, will directly impact their bottom line.

It’s pretty clear why coaching in the workplace might be necessary, and organizational development and human resource departments have already made an effective case for it. Whether coaching high-potentials and preparing them as future successors, or coaching average performers utilizing individual development and performance plans, companies understand that there is a value to one-on-one coaching.

However, they are now realizing that providing counseling in the workplace to support the whole person yields greater and longer-term results. Mental and emotional stress affecting an employee’s personal life can’t be checked at the door when they enter the office. An employee who may be suffering from anxiety or depression, grief, financial burdens, or family demands is likely to also be struggling in some area of job performance. It is also true that these same employees are less likely to have the time, energy, or resources to commit to ongoing and frequent counseling outside of their normal workday.

Thriveworks Peachtree City counselors can come into the workplace and directly work with employees seeking counseling. We can also work with the human resources department to discuss how to more effectively handle any situations that arise as a result of stressed employees.

The Case for Counseling in the Workplace

Companies are now integrating both career coaching and mental health counseling into their culture. Those companies which make this investment create an environment which makes it safe to seek professional help during difficult times, and when done correctly, can help them to be more competitive in the marketplace by:

lowering healthcare costs—Employees who are less stressed will experience fewer stress-related illnesses such as high blood pressure. In fact, studies indicate that workplace counseling can reduce work-related stress in up to 50% of people. Similarly, levels of sickness and absenteeism have seen reduction of up to 50% in trials (Mayor).

reducing employee burn-out and attrition—Stress is one of the biggest factors in burn-out, which often results in an employee leaving the workplace, if not the profession, completely. Avoiding it can not only keep a good employee at the company, it can also save the company money that would be spent in rehiring the position.

reducing concerns of workplace violence—The phrase “going postal” refers to employees who have become so stressed that they commit some violent act in the workplace. Though this is not common, it is a significant enough concern to have earned a phrase all its own.

increasing employee morale—If the employees are happy and uplifted, so too will be the workplace.

increasing overall productivity—Stress and anxiety often cause us to avoid the triggering factor, in this case, work. When the stress and anxiety are removed, distractions like social media and text messaging during work hours become less pervasive. When time isn’t being spent on distractions, more time may be spent on the job.

Thriveworks Peachtree City counselors have worked with people from all industries and professions to help them develop skills for coping with life problems, face any issues that are holding them back from their best life, and generally improve their outlook, productivity, and stress levels. We would appreciate the opportunity to help you and your company as well.

Thriveworks Peachtree City Counseling in the Workplace

For more information on the benefits of workplace counseling and career coaching you can contact Thriveworks Counseling in Peachtree City, GA. Our counselors are experienced in working with many different industries to help their employees be happier, healthier, less stressed, and more productive.

If you would like to be seen in our office, we don’t operate with a waiting list, and can usually see you within 24 hours.

Further Reading
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