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Greta is a trained counselor and mediator. Bill and Jane are a married couple choosing to divorce. Though their divorce isn’t entirely amicable, they both agree they would like to avoid the expense of having lawyers divide their assets. Instead, they have chosen to attend meditation. Through mediation, they hope to come to an agreement about who should receive which assets. Instead of two lawyers, there will be one mediator to serve as a neutral party—Greta. Greta will work with them to come to a compromise all can live with.

Lynette is another trained mediator, but she is often called to assist in corporate settings. Recently, a company going through a major shift in management practices hired her to mediate between upper management and regular employees. This improved employee satisfaction with the process and created a better working environment during the shift.

Peachtree City Mediation and Conflict Resolution

There is nothing new about conflict. It exists any time you have two or more people sharing space. Conflict can occur among couples, families, employees and employers, students and teachers, neighbors, communities, civil, social and even government agencies. Unfortunately, that conflict sometimes becomes severe enough to warrant litigious action, which can cause major stress for all involved.

The good news is that conflict doesn’t have to end negatively. If both parties are willing, mediation is an alternative to litigation that can lead to happier families, improved processes, better communication, and greater productivity, including saved time and money.

The greatest advantage of mediation is that it allows for involved parties to gain greater perspective and have complete control over the outcome. Through the assistance of a neutral third party, who is trained to facilitate, the parties will come together to work toward an agreement. Similar to professional counselors, Thriveworks Peachtree’s mediators are trained in building trust, neutral facilitation, and effective communication while assisting the parties in finding a compromise that meets each group’s needs.

How Does Mediation Work?

For mediation to be most effective, each party must be willing to set aside negative feelings for the sake of reaching a satisfactory conclusion. This will require a willingness to listen to each other. Luckily, neither party will be alone—the facilitator is there to help.

First, one party or another must contact the mediator. It’s possible that an attempt at mediation will be court-ordered, particularly during divorce cases. Once the mediator is chosen and contacted, the mediator will contact all parties involved. After they each agree to attend mediation, the sessions will begin. Part of the mediator’s function is to narrow down what issues are up for decision. This may be allocation of assets, but it may also be process related, such as how a decision will affect a company’s employees.

After the issues are determined, the mediator will hear each party’s case for their view on how the decision should be made. They will also hear counter-arguments. After each party has had a chance to express themselves, the mediator will help each side determine what obstacles are preventing them from making a mutual decision.

In some ways, mediation is like traditional counseling, in which the counselor would help the patient determine what the buried belief or experience is that is causing their current problem, such as childhood trauma causing adult anxiety. Once the root problem is determined, it’s much easier to address and move forward from the current issue. Similarly, in mediation or conflict resolution counseling, the meditator will help each party look past this single decision and into the root of why they are unable to come to an agreement. While that root problem may or may not be resolved in mediation, it can at least be brought to the surface, which can help each side understand the other more fully.

Once each side has been heard, examined any obstacles to conflict resolution, and considered how they can compromise with the other party, the mediator will assist in drawing up a document outlining the agreements being made.

It’s important to note that mediation is voluntary and does not preclude other options if it is unsuccessful. However, at Thriveworks Peachtree City, our experience has been that mediation can be very successful if both parties are willing to give it their full effort. Though it can be a tough process, knowing you have some control over the outcome can be a relief, particularly when compared against other options, such as court.

Aside from the stress of court, our judicial system is unfortunately overburdened. Mediation can actually lead to an outcome that is not only satisfactory, but also more expedient.

Consider Mediation and Conflict Resolution If:

  • Parties want to be actively engaged, considered, and in control of solutions and outcomes
  • Parties do not agree on liability or facts
  • Parties believe that an impasse has been reached with their personal attempts to negotiate
  • Parties want to avoid the mental and physical stress and time associated with court
  • There is a communication breakdown or refusal by at least one party to negotiate
  • Parties want to try and avoid the financial burden and expense of litigation
  • Parties understand that the mediation process is completely voluntary, confidential, and only binding if an agreement is reached

Thriveworks Peachtree City Mediation and Conflict Resolution

If you are experiencing a situation, be it small or large, that seems like a fit for mediation and conflict resolution, give Thriveworks Peachtree City a call. We don’t have a waiting list, and we can usually schedule new clients within 24 hours. Mediation can be a win/win situation for all parties, including a taxed judicial system. By taking control of your situation with mediation, your concerns will be heard equally and you’ll maintain control over the outcome. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll learn skills for better managing conflict in the future, reducing stress that would otherwise keep you from focusing on a successful future.

Conflict is difficult. We can help.

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