Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Group counseling is available for adolescents, families and groups who can benefit from an explorative and interactive counseling environment. The purpose is to help people in therapy find the support and care they need but also to create a safe space where personal experiences are shared and validated. Looking at the benefits of group counseling can help you determine whether it is the choice of therapy for your personal wellness goals. 

What is Group Counseling?

Groups counseling is a form of shared therapy. Individuals who are provided this type of counseling are encouraged to participate in engaging discussion and the sharing of personal stories, emotions and thoughts in a safe and secure therapeutic environment. In group counseling the sessions are introduced and guided by a professional and certified therapist.

Group counseling can help work through problems by including the prejudices, misconceptions and emotions of all participants in the discussion. Whole group therapy is an important part of exploring your upsets, feelings and irritations surrounding a subject. It is popular among families. Your therapist acts as a guide to steer the direction for therapy and acting to keep an eye on the therapeutic analysis.

By listening to the engagement of others and you can reflect on what they are saying and incorporate their perspectives. Group counseling also promotes the power of healing. Participating in the shared experiences of others makes you feel that you are truly not alone. There is something to be said about feeling heard and validated in group counseling.

The Benefits of Group Counseling at Thriveworks McDonough


One of the most incredible benefits of group counseling is the support it provides and the ability to be heard. During therapy, your facilitator and fellow peers will help provide feedback. This is a great way to learn what others are thinking and know you will receive professional and peer support.

Practice New Relationship Skills

During group work, new skills are learned. Your facilitator will encourage the exploration of these skills in group roleplay. Scenarios are introduced and individuals will be required to interact with the purpose of gaining new perspectives and learning effective communication. The goal is to introduce constructive ways of resolving differences and learning how to interact. This is particularly useful for those experiencing constant relationship problems including families.

Feel Motivated

Learning new skills, re-enacting those skills and gaining new perspectives can equip you with the tools and the motivation to pursue personal and relationship goals. Stay on track to healing and achieving balance in your everyday life.

Visit a Professional Therapist for Effective Group Therapy

During group therapy session your therapist will act as a group facilitator. The direction and the goals for therapy are determined and every session guided according to the progress made by members of the group. It is a powerful approach to healing and achieving balance.

Discover professional counseling and support with Thriveworks Group Counseling. Your trusted professional therapist will create a therapeutic environment in which your needs are supported and facilitated. With the necessary measures in place, you can learn valuable skills, insights and more.

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You won’t be disappointed

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Jaquita for family/couples counseling and she was wonderful! She gave us homework assignments to complete, and we also had some very innovative in session assignments. A straight shooter, but very respectful. She’s just awesome!
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Professional and Innovative

I just want to give a review of Ms. Jaquita Shorts. My husband and I met with her for several months between May and September for family/marriage counseling. Ms. Shorts gave us homework assignments and in session assignments that made counseling more comfortable. She was also great at drilling down on issues to discover root issues. I definitely suggest giving her a try!
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I needed someone to talk to and Keira was a great listener! She was patient and very kind. She didn't rush me I felt very comfortable with her. Very calming environment, clean and smelled great! I have told family members, and they will be going to her next. When I left her office I felt such relief and peace in my heart. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a kind, and open counselor.
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Professional Service

Victoria is compassionate, competent, a great listener, and the overall gold standard for professionals in her field. Schedule an appointment with her today! You will not be disappointed
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Awesome experience

Victoria is open, honest, and empathetic. She has cheered me on during some of the best times in my life and has helped me through the worst. I highly recommend her services whether you are dealing with daily life stressors or deeper trauma.
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The Perfect Coach

If you are searching for an academic life coach, your search is over. Victoria has helped me move confidently in the direction of success in my academic journey. I now have the necessary tools needed to create a fulfilling future.
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****EYE OPENER****

Victoria gave me some insight of how I look at some things. It's crazy, that answers are there, just never thought about how deep the root is that started most of the issues I have faced. I wish I could Rate higher than 5.
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Us army veteran

As a woman and veteran of the US Army, it is refreshing to connect with someone who is able to relate to and understand my struggles because they have experienced it first hand. With Victoria’s guidance and expertise, I have been able to overcome obstacles and barriers in my life that have allowed for personal and professional growth.
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