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Our family – biological family, foster family, adopted family, step family, and the family we acquire throughout life – has a major influence in every aspect of our life. We view our life through a lens that is formed by our family’s values, habits and culture. Many of the ways we think and act are learned patterns of behavior from our family.

Our first relationships are often with our family. These relationships teach us how to love, communicate and function with others. Some of us were born into a dysfunctional family which struggles with connection, communication and boundaries. The truth is that family dysfunction is on a spectrum and we are all on this spectrum at some point. No family is immune – we all struggle at times.

The good news is that family therapy or family counseling can minimize the dysfunction by working with individual roles and communication within the family. We will always have conflicts that arise in our families. It’s how we handle the conflicts that can be altered – to be handled in a healthy manner. Learning key skills can transform high level dysfunction into a healthy and productive family.

Who needs family therapy?

A family going through a transition:

  • Empty nest
  • Addition of a baby
  • Career change
  • Diagnosis of a chronic illness
  • Loss of a family member

Or, possibly one family member is struggling:

  • Addiction
  • Mental health disorder
  • Working 50+ hours per week
  • Poor academic performance
  • Financial strain

Sometimes there is a disagreement or conflict that creates strife within the family. These transitions, personal difficulties or conflicts effect the entire family. For example, many times a child will have behavioral or emotional problems that are the initial symptoms of family dysfunction.

Thriveworks Colorado Springs counselors work with families to strengthen communication, identify roles, build strengths and learn to handle conflict in a healthy manner. No family chooses conflict. Instead, we want love, respect and support from our families. If your family is spiraling down, developing unhealthy habits, you can benefit from meeting with one our professionals. We help many families in distress get back on track. Your family can too.

Why Choose Colorado Springs Family Therapy?

Our therapists are supportive and nonjudgmental. They have extensive experience working with many types of family dynamics. When you give us the opportunity to support your family, you and your family will be able to strengthen the relationship bonds and enjoy being together once again. Family life is key to our mental health and well-being. Call today to schedule: 719-266-3919

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