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Have you ever felt hopeless? Feelings of hopelessness can accompany depression; they can arise after being fired from your job; they can overwhelm you in grief; they can cause you to give up on a relationship; and they can make your life an unpleasant one to live. The good news—yes, there is good news—is that you can always work through these feelings and replace them with all of the hope in the world.

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”

–John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

If you are struggling with feelings of hopelessness, or other troubling thoughts and feelings, consider working with an online therapist at Thriveworks Bethlehem, PA. When you’re feeling hopeless, you lack that drive to pursue and receive the help you need. We’re here to tell you that doing so is important and that healing is possible. Online counseling at Thriveworks Bethlehem will allow you to work with your therapist in the most convenient and comfortable way. To schedule your online counseling appointment, call us now at (484) 241-2848. To learn more about online therapy, keep on reading.

What Is Online Counseling? How Does Online Counseling Work?

Online therapy is the convenient way to work with a therapist or counselor. It works to eliminate a long commute, traffic, and other unfortunate external factors that make therapy a hassle. If you decide to pursue online counseling, you’ll get to choose from a few options when it comes to how you work with your counselor or coach: You can connect with your therapist by phone or video. If you choose the former option, your counselor or coach will simply call you at the time of your appointment (make sure you have service!). If you choose the latter, you’ll be given a link that you can visit to connect with your counselor.

Now, in certain cases, you can also choose to work with your counselor via email/text messaging. This is a more relaxed approach to counseling, and it might be the right approach for you, if you’re looking for a casual experience in therapy. On that note, online therapy is not right for everyone. However, research shows that online counseling can be effective for a wide range of individuals facing a variety of life challenges.

Is Online Therapy Right For Me?

As we just mentioned, online therapy is not the best option for everyone! However, it does prove effective for many people and it could prove to help you. In our experience, online therapy—whether it’s telephone-based or video conferencing—is especially helpful to people who…

  • Cannot find a qualified counselor, therapist, or coach in the area
  • Feel uncomfortable working with a counselor in person
  • Would prefer to attend their appointment from home
  • Are looking for quicker, more flexible therapy options

If any of the above describe you, then you might benefit from pursuing online counseling. If you’re looking for Lehigh counseling, you’re in the right place. Thriveworks Bethlehem, PA can set you up with an online therapist as soon as today. We’re also available to talk to you more extensively about what online counseling entails and whether it might be the right fit for you.

Schedule Online Therapy Counseling at Thriveworks Bethlehem, PA

Sometimes, obstacles big and small get in our way of living the life we deserve. For example, symptoms of a mental illness, relationship trouble, the sudden loss of a loved one, lack of fulfillment at work, stress, and more. And then, other obstacles stand in our way of working through the given challenge. For example, our fear of judgment, our lack of skills, our busy schedule, or our inability to find a mental health professional in the area who meets our needs.

If you’re facing a life issue and you’re looking for a therapist or counselor to help, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Bethlehem, PA. We have a dedicated team of professionals, who are eager to help the people of Lehigh secure the mental health services they are searching for. Scheduling your appointment is simple: just call (484) 241-2848. Our scheduling team will assist you and help you set up a session in which you’ll meet with your therapist via phone call or videoconference.

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Unlocking my potential

Through my sessions with Lora I’ve been able to stop doubting myself and my capabilities. My life has change...Read more

d drastically for the better through her teachings and spot-on feedback. I started seeing Lora because I was going through a tough breakup and not only were we able to acknowledge the toxicity of that relationship, we were also able to tackle my productivity issues at work and I have since completely turned my career around. I feel as though I’ve been running with a ton of weight on my shoulders and Lora was able to guide me on how to liberate myself from all of these burdens and run freely! Thank you Lora, don’t know where I’d be without ya!

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Thriveworks Counseling Bethlehem

Christiana is amazing!

I worked with Christiana for nearly four years in a clinical setting. In our agency, she was known as a compas...Read more

sionate counselor and was very sought-after by clients because of her caring nature and ability to hold clients accountable when needed. Her solid clinical skills made her a colleague I could always count on for solid feedback and a very thorough way of addressing client needs. She was able to look at clinical issues from multiple perspectives and with a real sense of fairness and respect for the client. Christiana is a rare find in this field!

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Stress & Anxiety

Throughout my first job I have had a lot of stress. Christiana has helped me battle through my mental obstacle...Read more

s and become a better human being.

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