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A lot of us wish, at one point or another, that we could be a kid again. But what we often forget after we’ve grown up and left this crucial stage is that being a kid isn’t always easy. As kids grow through childhood and into adolescence, they’re trying to figure everything out: the physical, mental, and emotional changes they’re experiencing; the relationships they’re forming; and all of the problematic areas they’re bound to run into.

Fortunately, there’s help available for kids and adolescents who could benefit from working with a mental health professional—whether the child is dealing with significant stressors like school bullies or divorcing parents, or they need some additional support as they’re going through the changes mentioned above. The counselors, psychologists, and therapists at Thriveworks Bethlehem who specialize in treating children and adolescents understand how to help this age group. And just as importantly, they’re compassionate about providing this care.

Can My Child Benefit from Counseling?

We all know what it’s like to experience difficult emotions and not really know what to do with them. Now, imagine what this must be like for kids or teens who aren’t used to experiencing these emotions. Child counseling can help. Here are a few specific challenges that might cause a child or teen distress, which a child counselor can help with:

  • Moving to or settling into a new town
  • Understanding and coping with the loss of a loved one
  • Healing from abuse, at home or at school
  • Learning to manage a mental illness
  • Adjusting to life in a blended family

All of the above can bring about troubling feelings and leave one wondering where to turn. The providers at Thriveworks Bethlehem can provide the support they’re looking for and help them identify an effective plan for moving forward. Additionally, a child counselor can help their clients to understand their feelings more completely and equip them with the tools they need to grow well through life.

How Exactly Does Child Counseling Work?

The main goal of child therapy is to help your child handle the stressors they’re currently experiencing and equip them with skills that will enable them to handle future stressors. Here are a couple examples of how they might help their clients:

  1. Children of divorce often feel confused, depressed, guilty, and/or distraught. And these feelings can worsen over time if they go unaddressed. That’s where a child counselor comes in. The counselor can help the child to understand these feelings and manage them properly, of which can involve journaling, deep-breathing, and crafting.
  2. Many children suffer with a low self-esteem or lack the confidence that allows them to live well. A counselor can help these individuals to look within and see their unique value. Additionally, they can teach them to think positive thoughts, as opposed to negative thoughts that fuel the fire of a low self-esteem.

Scheduling a Session with a Child Counselor or Psychologist at Thriveworks Bethlehem

If you think your child could benefit from working with a child counselor, reach out to Thriveworks Bethlehem. All you have to do to schedule an appointment is give us a call at 484-241-2848 and a scheduling specialist will get you all set up. If your schedule allows it, you might even have a session within 24 hours of your call. The providers here are eager to help you and they offer flexible hours to get you in as soon as possible—these hours include evening and weekend appointments. We hope to hear from you soon, and we look forward to working with you!

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