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Oftentimes, a relationship starts out just fine—everything is new and exciting, and the two individuals absolutely adore each other. But somewhere down the road, things go south. The care, compassion, and love that defined the relationship is silenced as frustration, jealousy, and control take over.

“Toxic relationships not only make us unhappy; they corrupt our attitudes and dispositions in ways that undermine healthier relationships and prevent us from realizing how much better things can be.” –Michael Josephson

To correct an unhealthy relationship, you must first realize and acknowledge that it’s an unhealthy relationship. Oftentimes, this is the most difficult part. People grow comfortable and fail to recognize what’s bad or dysfunctional about their current situation. That said, it’s crucial we do understand what an unhealthy relationship looks like. Because if we stay in a toxic place for too long, it can completely uproot our lives and hurt us in more ways than one.

If you think that your relationship has taken a turn for the worst or is headed in the wrong direction, a counselor or psychologist at Thriveworks Bethlehem in Lehigh can help. Our providers have the training, the expertise, and the experience to assist you—whether you and your partner want to work on improving your relationship or you need help moving forward individually from the troubling experience. Whatever the case, a counselor can help you to heal from your toxic relationship.

Do I Need a Relationship Detox?

As mentioned above, identifying toxicity in a relationship isn’t always easy. That said, there are some tell-tale signs of an unhealthy dynamic. These include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

  • Feeling “on-edge” or anxious
  • Jealousy or distrust
  • Serious overreactions
  • Withdrawal from your loved ones
  • Significant changes in appetite or sleep
  • Immobilization
  • Obsessive behaviors

If the above are present in your relationship, it’s possible that your relationship is headed down a dark path. And if you don’t make the necessary changes soon, you’ll likely experience distress in other areas of your life (if you haven’t already). Oftentimes, individuals in an unhealthy relationship will also suffer at work, school, and/or in other relationships—especially if there is a power differential.

A power differential means there isn’t an equal distribution of power—in relationships, this means that one partner holds power and administers control over the other. When this power differential is present, it’s often more difficult for one to seek help, as he or she is typically led to believe by their partner that they are at fault. This makes understanding red flags—some of which are listed above—especially important.

How Can a Counselor Help?

Here at Thriveworks, we believe that anybody can benefit from working with a skilled and caring mental health professional: such as those who seek treatment for mental disorders, those who’d like some guidance in their career path, and, of course, those who need help in their relationships. In any case, the counselor can help their clients to identify the problem that is causing them harm as well as a solution for managing that problem.

When it comes to toxic relationships specifically, counseling can unfold in a few different ways, depending on:

  • Whether the toxic behavior is one-sided or double-sided
  • If the couple hopes to develop healthier habits and stay together
  • If it’s an individual seeking counseling after leaving a toxic relationship
  • What the end therapy goals are for the client(s)

In any case, the counselors at Thriveworks will dedicate their time and work to helping you determine what’s best for your life moving forward: whether that’s going your separate ways, transforming your relationship for the better, or learning to live a healthier life post-breakup.

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Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Are you healing after the split from a toxic partner? Are you looking for Lehigh counseling for your relationship? The counselors at Thriveworks Bethlehem can help. They have a unique skillset to offer, as well as the dedication and compassion that will make for a successful therapy experience. If you’re ready to start this journey and experience the many benefits of working with a mental health professional, schedule an appointment today. Give us a call at 484-241-2848 to book a session.

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