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You had a special bond with your spouse from the very beginning. During that first date, you smiled at each other from across the table and were smitten ever since. Just a few years later, the two of you sealed the deal: Mr. and Mrs., together forever.

Today, there’s still no question that you love each other to the end. However, your relationship has been different lately. When you first tied the knot, the two of you spent more time together than you did apart—that’s how you both liked it. But now you’re lucky if you see each other for more than a couple hours a day, as you’re both busy with work and with the kids. And when you do get lucky enough to spend a little quality time together, something’s missing: that on-fire connection, that intimacy.

The good news is that you don’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch the fallout of your marriage. Instead, you can take action: you can seek marriage counseling at Thriveworks Bethlehem. If your relationship is lacking that intimacy, if you and your spouse are struggling to connect, or the two of you are could use a little professional guidance in another area of your relationship, consider working with one of our counselors. They have the qualifications, the experience, and the compassion to help you achieve your relationship goals.

What Is Marriage Counseling? How Can It Help?

Marriage counseling is designed to help a couple work through whatever it is that’s causing their relationship strain. While these challenges vary greatly from person to person, here are some questions that commonly guide the course of marriage counseling:

  • What are our biggest issues and which are most important?
  • Are we happy together? Do we want to stay together?
  • How do each of us truly feel about our relationship?
  • Do our visions for the future align?
  • Are we both willing to change to improve our marriage?

These questions will help you and your partner, as well as your counselor, understand exactly what’s wrong in your relationship and what your goals in therapy should be. Once these issues and goals have been identified, then a treatment plan can be determined.

Who Can Benefit from Marriage Counseling?

At Thriveworks, we believe that everybody can benefit from working with a mental health professional—and every relationship can benefit from receiving some professional guidance. That said, if you and your partner are experiencing any of the following issues, you’re in good company, as these topics are often discussed in marriage counseling:

  • Trust or jealousy issues
  • Failure to communicate effectively
  • Parenting disagreements
  • Financial stress
  • Visions for the future

This is the short list of issues discussed in marriage counseling. If we’re being honest, the marriage counselors at Thriveworks Bethlehem have a wide range of capabilities. They’ve put in the time and the effort to acquire the skills it takes to help you succeed on your therapy journey. Why? Because they truly care about your wellbeing and your happiness, which is impacted greatly by the state of your relationship with your spouse.

Meet With a Marriage Counselor or Psychologist Today

Are you and your spouse struggling to connect on a deeper level? Is the foundation of your marriage threatening to break at the seams? If you think you and your spouse could find any kind of value in meeting with a marriage counselor, reach out to us at Thriveworks Bethlehem today. Our providers are the best of the best, as their education, experience, training, and caring nature enables them to help you and your relationship.

To get set up with one of our counselors, all you have to do is give us a call at 484-241-2848. One of our scheduling specialists will work with you to schedule an appointment with a counselor who can best help you. Or, if you’d prefer, you can book online. Either way, you can expect the following from your soon-to-be provider:

  • Flexibility: We offer flexible appointments, which includes weekend and nighttime sessions. Our providers understand that weekday, daytime appointments just don’t cut it sometimes!
  • Professionalism: As mentioned previously, our counselors and therapists are the best of the best: they’ve gone through extensive training to provide high quality care to all of their clients.
  • Compassion: Finally, the providers at Thriveworks are compassionate, as they truly care about your wellbeing and seek to help you improve your marriage.

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to work soon!

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