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Mental health professionals possess a wide skillset, which allows them to help their clients with a wide array of challenges. For instance, a client might present anxious thoughts that make focusing at work feel completely impossible; in this case, the counselor can help the individual to understand the source of their anxiety and intervene with healthier thoughts. In another instance, a client might come to therapy in search of healing after her marriage of 5 years came crashing down; in this case, a counselor can help her to understand what happened to her relationship and determine steps for building a happy, healthy life again.

The gist is this: counselors help their clients to better understand the challenge they face and an effective solution for overcoming said challenge. This framework proves effective in many cases, including in addiction counseling. The providers at Thriveworks Bethlehem who specialize in addiction counseling aim to assist their clients in understanding their problematic habits, identifying healthier behaviors, and ultimately learning to manage their addiction in their day-to-day. They’ll utilize their special skills and their extensive training to help you live better.

Do I Need Substance Abuse Counseling?

Often, those who struggle with substance abuse don’t think they have a problem—or, they’re scared to admit they might have a problem. But in all reality, their habits are causing them serious distress and changing life as they know it: they’re calling out sick on Mondays, they’re spending less and less time with family, and they’re missing out on important milestones of adulthood. In addition to failing their responsibilities and missing out on important social as well as occupational activities due to their substance use, these individuals…

  • Are constantly craving the substance
  • Spend a significant amount of time using and recovering from the effects
  • Have tried to cut back on their consumption but haven’t succeeded
  • Continue to use even when it causes them distress
  • Use the substance even when it poses a serious danger to their health or wellbeing
  • Have to use more and more of the substance to achieve desired effects
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms when they aren’t using

Do any of these symptoms above hit close to home? The professionals at Thriveworks Bethlehem want to help you manage these symptoms and adopt healthier habits. If you think that you could benefit from substance abuse counseling, help is available today.

How Does Substance Abuse Counseling Work?

Fortunately, if you’re struggling with addiction, there is effective treatment available: addiction counseling. This approach to treatment has proven effective for many, as the therapy journey is tailored to each individual and their unique situation. That said, there are some common threads in addiction counseling. For example, the counselor will focus on teaching their client helpful skills for managing their addiction. Additionally, they can help their client to identify where their substance abuse stems from (say, they started drinking after a bad breakup or they use to deal with their social anxiety).

Addiction counselors are dedicated to helping their clients heal—which is why their guidance extends past the therapy room. They’ll introduce their clients to helpful resources such as:

  1. Recovery support groups
  2. Crisis services
  3. Health and wellness classes

The first step in managing your addiction is booking an appointment with a mental health professional. After they evaluate your specific symptoms, understand your challenge(s) and therapy goals, they’ll be able to design your counseling sessions around what will prove most helpful to you.

Schedule an Addiction Counseling Session Today

Are you in need of addiction counseling? Are you worried about some unhealthy habits that could be or become more serious? The counselors at Thriveworks Bethlehem want to help. And they know just what it takes to create a successful treatment plan. Again, these professionals will assess your exact situation and then design each session around what you need, as well as what you identify as your counseling goals.

If you’re ready to schedule a session for addiction counseling, we’re ready too. Just give us a call at 484-241-2848, and one of our scheduling experts will get you booked. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

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