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Self-esteem is equated to confidence. It is defined as the way one feels about themselves or perceives themselves. Feeling confident is the ability to feel valued, worthy, and loved. When you have a positive esteem, you tend to feel good about most of the decisions you make in life. Others who feel low on confidence, will constantly question their decisions, never be happy with their progress and often have self-defeating thoughts or negative attitudes.

When dealing with low self-esteem, you could become your worst enemy. The good news is that self-esteem counseling can help you work towards your personal goals and overcome limitations. If you think you could benefit from self-esteem counseling, contact Thriveworks McDonough today. We have counselors and therapists that can help.

The Importance of Professional Confidence Building Therapy

A lack of confidence is not only detrimental for your current psychological health but your future wellbeing too. Low self-esteem increases insecurity and leaves us susceptible to emotional turmoil. It prevents individuals from pursuing their goals and leaves many overly critical about their decisions or lack thereof. When things go wrong, someone with poor confidence will always blame themselves. These constant mental battles can hinder one’s ability to live a healthy lifestyle—they can stop one from pursuing a goal for fear of inevitable failure.

Seeking therapy for confidence or self-esteem building can help change individual perceptions. A therapist will work with a client to learn about their self-perception, attitudes, and general outlook of the world. Negative ways of thinking and severely subjective ways of interpreting situations are addressed objectively and logically.

For those who lack a strong sense of self, there is ongoing self-blame, with risk of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and self-harm. Individuals lacking in self-esteem cannot handle criticism well. Therapy aims to address the distortions in thinking patterns and the reasons for a lack of positive self-esteem.

Do I Have Poor Self-Esteem?

Low self-confidence may be recognized as feeling inferior to others. It is also masked by perfectionism and behaviors that hide perceived weaknesses and flaws. Others may lash out and engage in risky, even criminal behavior as a sign of rebellion. The most common symptom of self-esteem is feeling like a victim in every situation and constantly looking to others for rescuing.

From adverse childhood experiences to the devastation of a breakup or failed goal achievement, many factors can affect confidence. The way we feel and see ourselves is integral to achieving social, emotional and physical balance in life. When you lack confidence, your ability to cope with the smallest disappointments or changes is thwarted.

Working with your therapist, you can learn how to regain a confident outlook and approach to life. This includes the ability to recognize your value and release the negative thoughts clouding your judgement. Confidence-building exercises are performed including role play. Minor challenges and circumstances are presented during sessions to determine how you would manage these difficulties in a healthy manner.

Scheduling a Session at Thriveworks McDonough

Thriveworks McDonough offers self-esteem counseling for children and adults. To build your confidence and improve your wellbeing, visit your local therapist who can support you along your confidence building journey.

If you’re searching for self-esteem counseling in Stockbridge, Locust Grove, Jonesboro, Griffin, or Fayetteville and other surrounding areas, call us today. We’re conveniently located South of Atlanta, GA and we accept many different insurance plans. If you think you could benefit from self-esteem counseling, reach out to Thriveworks McDonough today. Call us at (678) 853-5849 to schedule your appointment with a licensed counselor.

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