Video Game Addiction Counseling in McDonough, GA—Counselors and Therapists at Thriveworks

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Video Game Addiction Counseling in McDonough, GA—Counselors and Therapists at Thriveworks

An addiction to playing video games is similar in nature to impulse control problems found in gambling and substance dependence. With a rise in the number of people investing in online games and virtual reality experiences, there has been a decline in social engagement. Relationships tend to suffer while many students neglect important academics and development by remaining in front of the gaming console. Seeking video game addiction counseling can help the addict and those involved in their lives. The goal is to find a healthy balance including strategies to prevent the occurrence of withdrawal.

What Is Video Game Addiction?

A video game disorder is considered an addiction to or dependence on playing video games. It has been likened to a substance addiction owing to the psychological, emotional and social symptoms that manifest with a lack of access to the platform.

With ongoing game play, the individual will require more time dedication to the game. Many become anxious and agitated when they cannot play their game. Many have suffered withdrawal going for long periods without accessing their consoles or computers.

The Impact of Video Games on Emotional and Psychological Health

A major limitation of becoming immersed in video games is the inability to form and maintain close relationships. Individuals become so engrossed in their game play, they remain isolated, barely communicate by making eye contact and will allow important relationships to deteriorate in favor of their virtual lives.

For school goers and college students, playing a video game is often at the sacrifice of completing important academic work. Adults suffer at work and in extreme cases, their employment is affected.

Chronic game playing can also have physical results, from repetitive stress injury to obesity owing to a sedentary lifestyle.

The Signs of a Video Game Addiction

  • Gaming to get away from reality
  • Increasing the amount of time spent playing
  • Academic performance suffers owing to gaming
  • Becomes irritated and frustrated when confronted about gaming for too long or asked to stop.

Severe signs of gaming behaviors always include an unwillingness to bathe or consume regular meals but to remain before the screen.

Therapy for Video Game Addiction

The therapy for video game addictions is structured in a similar manner to treating a gambling or substance addiction.

Therapies include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and treatments involving relaxation. Every step of the process must be addressed with the guidance and expertise of a counselor.

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to target the dysfunctional or ineffective though patterns contributing to compulsive gaming. Individuals who wish to escape the realities of life are provided a safe platform to discuss what they think and feel. A professional counselor will introduce healthier means of coping and dealing with reality.

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