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A diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder can leave individuals scared and confused. With images in the media of Bipolar portrayed as being unstable or having split personality and psychotic, it is no wonder that more people feel anxious about their condition and some never seek the appropriate treatment. Bipolar disorder counseling is an effective and supportive treatment aimed at assisting both men and women find balance and health.

Bipolar disorder also commonly referred to as manic-depression characterized by periods of normal mood, depression and stages of mania. When seeking the assistance of a professional therapist, a complete individual assessment is performed. Your practitioner will determine whether you are managing Bipolar I or Bipolar II. Bipolar I involves episodes of major depression, mania and hypomanic while Bipolar II includes hypomanic symptoms without mania.

How Dangerous Is Bipolar Disorder?

The manic and depressive episodes are not only disruptive but can increase risk of erratic expenditure, unsafe behaviors and a sheer sense of grandiosity or extreme hopelessness. Poor mood leaves one irritable and unpredictable much to the sacrifice of close family, friends and a successful career. Managing your symptoms can be achieved with the appropriate treatment and therapeutic support.

Bipolar disorder counseling delivered by an experienced and licensed therapist can provide the care you need to live a happy, stable and responsible way of life. Although this condition does not have a cure, with the right management plan combining therapy and medication, you can achieve lasting balance.

A Professional Counselor Can Help

In consultation with your counselor, you will receive the education needed to understand the symptoms and the disorder you are living with. When you feel down, high or severely irritable in mood, it may be an overwhelming experience. In talk therapy with the professional practitioner, you can learn more about the condition, what it entails, and the best treatment for your needs. Not every therapeutic plan works for all patients. The major benefit of seeing a therapist is the individualized treatment you receive. The goal is to introduce a plan that works with your lifestyle and the type of Bipolar diagnosis.

Medication is an essential form of treatment. It includes mood stabilizers and prescriptions to control the depressive and manic episodes. Your therapist will explain the importance of remaining on your medication even when symptoms appear to subside.

Without seeking therapy for your Bipolar symptoms, you could be plagued by imbalances, mood instability and an inability to maintain strong, healthy relationships. It is possible to treat Bipolar and to live a life that is balanced. Not only can this prove incredibly advantageous for your wellness but also for your loved ones. Treatment will help you build and rebuild important relationships including the ability to manage a professional career.

Talk therapy is another approach that is adopted by a counselor. Every patient is taught the techniques needed to live a well-adjusted lifestyle. At Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching – McDonough, patients are taught important management skills, introduced to professional support and provided the appropriate treatment to overcome the symptoms of Bipolar. 678-853-5849

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