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Anxiety is a normal reaction to potentially stressful events. From making a major public speech to writing an exam, we all experience mild levels of anxiety that can motivate or deter us. For many, anxiety can become a negative experience. It can leave a sense of dread, panic and extreme stress that becomes physically debilitating. Panic attacks are commonly associated with anxiety leaving affected individuals feeling as though they are having an asthma episode or heart attack. When anxiety becomes so overwhelming that it prevents you from leaving your home, performing healthy social activities or pursuing your general goals; it is time to call on a professional therapist in anxiety counseling.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is considered a psychological condition in which affected persons experience overwhelming stress, nervousness, fearfulness and dread. It can occur in response to a specific event, environmental stimuli or while out in public for no “apparent” reason. When feelings of severe anxiousness begin to consume your life, it is time to consult with a professional and an experienced therapist.

Anxiety Counseling

To determine whether you are suffering from the limitations of anxiety, a professional therapist must perform a complete assessment of symptoms. An evaluation of symptoms can reveal the severity of your anxiety and the appropriate treatment plan. The goal for anxiety therapy is to address the cause for your anxiousness and to provide positive intervention. The goal is to restore balance in the lives of affected persons and to minimize the ongoing complications that occur when anxiety takes control of your life.

Anxiety not only causes severely limiting psychological effects but also physical conditions that manifest. Individuals suffering from high levels of uncontrolled anxiety may suffer frequent headaches, nausea, dizziness, lethargy and light headedness. Anxiety is also revealed in an aggressive approach to potential conflict as people engage in a fight rather than a flight response. If you are suffering from the negative impact of anxiety, professional counseling can provide the support, tools and techniques needed to manage feelings of dread and panic.

The role of an anxiety counselor

The role of an anxiety counselor is to provide patients with a diagnosis. A professional will complete an assessment of symptoms including thought processes. A description of behaviors or responses to anxiety triggering situations will be explored. The goal is to determine the severity of anxiety and the appropriate treatments available to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Severe anxiety and panic attacks can be managed with both counseling and medication. Extreme cases where individuals are not able to perform at school, at work or in social activities requires structured and professional counseling.

Hire a professional Therapist

Your Thriveworks McDonough anxiety therapist will work with you to control the thoughts and the potential triggers leading to severe anxiety and panic. Patients are educated on the condition and exercise introduced to help perform small tasks daily to overcome limitations. Do not allow anxiety to prevent you from living your best life. If you’re searching for anxiety counseling in McDonough, anxiety counseling in Stockbridge, anxiety counseling in Locust Grove, anxiety counseling in Jackson, anxiety counseling in Griffin, or anxiety counseling in Riverdale and surrounding areas call us today. We’re conveniently located south of Atlanta GA. We accept insurance. Treatment for anxiety may be more affordable than you thought.

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