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Emotional abuse is a severe situation and is also the most difficult to determine in any relationship. While the marks and scars of this form of abuse are not overtly displayed, it has a devastating impact on the ability to live a confident, healthy and happy life. Its effects can filter into all relationships; it can impede your performance at work or leave you a shell of your former self. The impact of such mental degradation that is inflicted by another leaves you scarred and stripped mentally. Emotional abuse counseling is a supportive approach where you can slowly put the pieces of your life and your confidence back together.

What Is Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse is defined as an extreme form of manipulation and control. The abuser will use tactics such as humiliation, use verbal slander, and bully one into submission. Fear, guilt and self-doubt are what the abused individual is left feeling. A process commonly used by an emotional abuser is one in which you question your very own memory as being true.

Emotional abuse is common with physical and sexual abuse. It can occur between married couples, unmarried partners, family members including adults and children.

Common Signs of Emotional Abuse:

While emotional abuse can appear in different forms, the presence of these common signs that occur on a frequent basis may indicate an unhealthy relationship:

  • Frequent demeaning, controlling and abusive language
  • Violent threats
  • Persists with abusiveness despite asking the person to calm down or displaying timid, tearful behaviour towards the abuser.
  • The abuser shows no remorse after their actions.
  • The word of the abused is dismissed.

Individuals who suffer emotional abuse are often left with an unstable mood, insomnia and bad eating habits. Conditions involving depression, anxiety and severe stress are common when under the oppression of an abuser.

Seeking Counseling for Emotional Abuse

If you fear that you are or have experienced emotional abuse, it is important to speak to a professional and a licensed therapist. The role of your counselor is to help determine whether you are in an emotionally unhealthy relationship including the strategies to regain your power and your confidence.

For children, emotional abuse counseling is imperative to help them develop into confident, highly functioning adults. It can also help them cope at school and prevent falling victim to being severely bullied or not feeling confident enough to achieve their fullest potential.

Emotional and physical abuses are common in intimate relationships. Many do not start off as abusive but over time, as they settle into a relationship the signs and abusive acts become increasingly apparent.

With the assistance of your counselor, you can work on building your self-esteem and mental health. When you are emotionally abused, it can leave you unsure about future relationships or more inclined to choosing abusive partners.

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