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Self-harm includes deliberate acts of cutting and hurting oneself that causes visible injuries. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and an inability to cope with emotions can increase the risk of performing a self-harming act. When life feels as though it is unravelling, cutting delivers a sense of control and shifts the focus from the constant emotional pain to the physical. Self-harm counseling is a therapeutic process delivered under the support and guidance of a professional and licensed counselor. It aims to assist individuals who cut and harm themselves find more adaptive and healthier ways of coping and managing their emotions. Learning how the therapeutic process can make positive changes in your life can strengthen your cognitive and your emotional well-being.

What Is Self-Harm?

The process of self-harm primarily involves cutting to numb or block-out emotional pain. It is a maladaptive coping strategy that can leave significant scars including the risk of infection. Self-harm through cutting is not a suicide attempt but rather an action of release of negative emotions and constraints.

Signs of Self-harm in a loved one may include attempts to cover their arms or legs where cuts may be present. The appearance of sudden cuts, bruises and scratches may reveal self-harm actions. The presence of blood marks on clothing or bedding and sharp objects from scissors to pins are often associated with harming oneself.

How Counseling Can Benefit Your Needs

When you need to desperately regain control in your life, your emotions and express what you feel, cutting is not the answer. To cut and harm oneself to cope, to feel or distract from a personal situation simply leaves scars as reminders. You may feel withdrawn and constantly hide your attempts from friends and family.

Self-harm counseling introduces a healthier way to manage your emotions and to express how you feel. It is also a supportive means of being able to feel freely and truly without the need to hurt yourself. Your therapist will create a safe and non-judgemental environment in which you can learn how to take control of your life and your emotions. The goal is to introduce alternative ways of healing and feeling that do not involve placing sharp and harmful objects against your skin.

Self-harming actions are higher in individuals with psychological conditions including eating disorders, personality disorders and Bipolar disorder. Your therapist will perform a complete psychological assessment to determine whether underlying disorders are contributing to difficult behaviors.

Learning how to manage your emotions in a healthy manner is the most powerful step you can take to regaining balance and confidence. Therapy can go a long way to helping restore important relationships. It can also help you reconnect with people and overcome perceived fears. Therapy aims to create the support and the direction needed to improve your psychological well-being particularly when challenges are presented.

With the assistance of self-harm counselors at Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching – McDonough, clients are provided the tools, support, and the awareness needed to live a healthier and fulfilling life. You can thrive, we can help! Call us today at 678-853-5849!

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