Working with A Psychiatrist at Thriveworks McDonough, GA

Working with A Psychiatrist at Thriveworks McDonough, GA

Life sure has its moments of ups and downs.

We all have those moments in our life when things are not going as we planned, which makes us feel dejected, depressed, and weak. We turn to our friends and family and cling to whatever little hope we have. But sometimes it’s just not enough.

That is when we know we needed help from a professional.

Mental health issues are not a laughing matter, and it certainly isn’t something to be ashamed of. Your mental health is important to you, and seeking professional help makes you the strongest person; because instead of hiding your problems, you are courageous enough to face them and solve them.

Who Is a Psychiatrist?

To understand the benefits of professional help, let us first understand who a psychiatrist is and what they can do to help you.

A psychiatrist, by definition, is a licensed professional who can help you come to terms with circumstances in your life that may be causing you depression, anxiety, stress, or trauma. But they do much more than that.

A professional psychiatrist can help you find your courage and will, when everything appears bleak. They can help you regain your composure and offer their support and compassion when you need to understand the special circumstances in your life. And of course, if need be, they can prescribe you medicines to control and overcome your anxiety and depression.

Benefits of Psychiatric Services

Seeing a psychiatrist can be very helpful, especially if you have tendencies of anger, anxiety, depression, or trauma. Most of these can result from Post-Traumatic Stress, and it is pivotal that you speak to a professional right away.

Here are a few benefits of psychiatric services:

  • To identify the core problem and causes of your current circumstances.
  • Discuss things that bother you, and help make your way to self-actualization.
  • To confront the things that actually scare you or cause you distress.
  • To learn how to deal with your emotions healthily and naturally.
  • To identify the source of your personal issues and discuss ways to improve upon them.
  • To implement and elevate your self-confidence and self-worth.
  • To regain perspective of your life.
  • To come to terms with grief and loss.
  • To find new and personalized ways to solve a problem.
  • To retain your mental health.
  • If need be, get a prescription for sleep and anxiety disorders.


Why You Need a Counselor and Psychiatrist

Mental health issues can be a source of emotional as well as physical pain. The trauma or stress may cause you anxiety which can lead to more severe consequences.

You should seek help by talking to a counselor along with a psychiatrist who can help you process the information and learn to accept it healthily.

A counselor can help you understand and accept what feels out of control, while a psychiatrist can help you with medical and emotional support. Together, they can help you heal from the trauma and stress that has overcome your life.

Thriveworks McDonough, GA is an excellent place to start as we boast of psychiatrists and counselors who are professionals with years of experience on various issues. Talk to us today, we can help you come to terms with your life, guide you to find acceptance, confidence, and peace of mind that you seek. Schedule your appointment 678-853-5849.

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Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Myngnon Walton / Play Therapy

I’ve been taking my son to play therapy with Miss Mimi for a little over a year and I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in him being able to express his feelings and emotions after their sessions. She is observant, personable/relatable, genuine, and knowledgeable. My son will specifically ask to visit her if there is a large lapse in time from his last therapy session. I’d definitely recommend Miss Myngnon Walton.
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough


Tiana is very professional, knowledgeable and sincere. I look forward to my sessions.
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Wonderful service

I absolutely love the counseling that my son gets from Myngnon (MiMi). My son took really well to her and opened up. He has even asked at times to go see her. He always leaves in a good space after his session. Thankful for the services with Thrive works! Highly recommend❤️
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Help when you need it

If you’re looking for quality counseling, look no further. I have been receiving care from K Tess and she’s everything I’ve needed in mental health care. She’s not only insightful on trauma healing, but also extremely relatable and empathetic. She’s reliable, knowledgeable and very resourceful. She’s helped me realize my own desire in wanting to heal and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

You won’t be disappointed

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Jaquita for family/couples counseling and she was wonderful! She gave us homework assignments to complete, and we also had some very innovative in session assignments. A straight shooter, but very respectful. She’s just awesome!
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Professional and Innovative

I just want to give a review of Ms. Jaquita Shorts. My husband and I met with her for several months between May and September for family/marriage counseling. Ms. Shorts gave us homework assignments and in session assignments that made counseling more comfortable. She was also great at drilling down on issues to discover root issues. I definitely suggest giving her a try!
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough


I needed someone to talk to and Keira was a great listener! She was patient and very kind. She didn't rush me I felt very comfortable with her. Very calming environment, clean and smelled great! I have told family members, and they will be going to her next. When I left her office I felt such relief and peace in my heart. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a kind, and open counselor.
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Professional Service

Victoria is compassionate, competent, a great listener, and the overall gold standard for professionals in her field. Schedule an appointment with her today! You will not be disappointed
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Awesome experience

Victoria is open, honest, and empathetic. She has cheered me on during some of the best times in my life and has helped me through the worst. I highly recommend her services whether you are dealing with daily life stressors or deeper trauma.
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

The Perfect Coach

If you are searching for an academic life coach, your search is over. Victoria has helped me move confidently in the direction of success in my academic journey. I now have the necessary tools needed to create a fulfilling future.
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

****EYE OPENER****

Victoria gave me some insight of how I look at some things. It's crazy, that answers are there, just never thought about how deep the root is that started most of the issues I have faced. I wish I could Rate higher than 5.
Thriveworks Counseling McDonough

Us army veteran

As a woman and veteran of the US Army, it is refreshing to connect with someone who is able to relate to and understand my struggles because they have experienced it first hand. With Victoria’s guidance and expertise, I have been able to overcome obstacles and barriers in my life that have allowed for personal and professional growth.
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