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Grief support is an important part of coping with loss. When you lose someone, your entire world is changed. Grief can consume every part of your life, leaving you physically and mentally exhausted. Fortunately, grief counseling services can help you find the support that you need to find balance again.

What is Grief Support?

Thriveworks McDonough grief support is available for individuals and groups. It is delivered by a licensed therapist with the purpose of assisting those who have suffered tragedy and loss. Grief support can be used to address very specific types of losses or provide general aid. A grief support group is where you can find therapeutic and peer support to overcome the devastation of losing a loved one.

The Benefits of Grief Support

Lets you know you are not alone

When we lose someone we love, our world is shattered. Reason goes out the window and we can become consumed by the sense of loss we feel. In a supportive group with focus on grief counseling, you share your loss with the loss and the emotional disruptions experienced by others. The comfort of knowing that you are not alone can provide invaluable support when you need it most.

Feel Hopeful Again

When you lose a loved one, you may feel like all hope is lost. The motivation to continue to do the things you love is lost. When you join a group of people who are going through the same experiences, it helps you gain a different perspective. Some people may be further along the grief journey and provide much hopefulness for a satisfying and fulfilling life. This can serve as an incredibly support approach for those who are overwhelmed by their grief.

Gain a New Perspective

Speaking to others about what they experienced along their grieving process helps you gain a new perspective. Learn how others feel, think and the road they have taken to regain their perspective on life. By listening to the needs and the interests of others, you can incorporate their advice and their support into your own life. There is certainly nothing more freeing than expressing yourself in a safe and supportive environment with others who understand what you are going through.

Feel Valued

The passing of a loved one can leave you feel like you are perpetually alone. In a support group, you learn that others experiencing the same emotions, thoughts and perspectives will provide the motivation you need to get through each day. Expressing the way you feel also makes you feel valued and heard. It helps you share the memory of the one who passed and the feelings surrounding their death. It is a freeing and vastly healing process.

Trust Professional Grief Counseling and Support

Grief support is a great way to restore your balance and gain the strength you need to cope with loss. The death of someone close to you is immense. It can leave you feeling depressed, stressed and anxious. At Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching McDonough residents can experience professional support and the aid of a support group.

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