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Depression is recognized as a psychologically, emotionally and often physically debilitating mental disorder. For those who have suffered from the psychological condition, it is often described as being in a dark place or black hole that one simply cannot free themselves from. The experience of depressive episodes can make living a normal and healthy life increasingly challenging as your world is consumed by sadness, hopelessness, loneliness and negative impressions. Although depression is a significant and serious disease, it can be managed with the right approach. Understanding depression counseling and its benefits can provide greater insight, hope and the important tools you need to overcome its devastating impact.

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A Closer Look at Depression

Depression is a psychological condition that is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness, loneliness and hopelessness
  • A lack of enthusiasm or interest in activities once found pleasurable
  • Feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness
  • Concentration and focus can no longer be maintained
  • You suffer from insomnia and hypersomnia
  • You increase weight, binge eat, or gain weight owing to poor diet changes
  • You experience heightened anxiety daily
  • You experience suicidal thoughts and attempts of self-harm

If you are experiencing at least 2-3 of these symptoms on a daily or frequent basis and it has lasted longer than 2 weeks, you could be affected by depression. It is important to seek depression counseling and to receive professional assistance to help you in every way possible.

Depression is a disease that can quickly take over your life. It can negatively affect your work performance or your ability to maintain healthy social and intimate relationships. An inability to engage in positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle means a poorer quality of life. Second guessing your value can negatively impact your confidence and ability to make healthy, meaningful decisions.

Depression Counseling

Different types of depression are managed according the extent and nature of symptoms experienced. Major depression is a persistent psychological condition while depressive disorder includes symptoms that last for 2 years or more.

Cognitive behavioral, psychotherapy and various talk therapies are often introduced in the management of depression. Treatment depends on an evaluation of symptoms and may include counseling or a combination of counseling and medication.

A professional therapist is sought to provide counseling therapy. Counseling is an important step that a patient suffering from depression can take, to live an improved quality of life. The process of counseling explores the thoughts and behaviors of a client. Solution focused therapy introduces ways of improving individual lifestyles through technique and the introduction of skill building tools.

Individualized therapy is invaluable for patients who have suffered from the limitations of depression or depressive episodes. The assistance and guidance provided by a certified therapist helps each person work through symptoms and the impact it has on their emotional, cognitive and behavioral well-being.

Professional counseling can help

If you feel that you are suffering from depression, consultation with a Thriveworks McDonough depression counselor can assist. Do not allow depression to prevent you from living your best life. If you’re searching for depression counseling in McDonough, depression counseling in Stockbridge, depression counseling in Locust Grove, depression counseling in Jonesboro, depression counseling in Griffin, or depression counseling in Hampton and other surrounding areas, call us today. We’re conveniently located south of Atlanta GA. We accept insurance. Treatment for depression may be more affordable than you thought. Take the necessary steps to meet with a depression counselor ensuring your emotional and psychological needs are addressed.

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She gave us homework assignments to complete, and we also had some very innovative in session assignments. A straight shooter, but very respectful. She’s just awesome!

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ay and September for family/marriage counseling. Ms. Shorts gave us homework assignments and in session assignments that made counseling more comfortable. She was also great at drilling down on issues to discover root issues. I definitely suggest giving her a try!

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I needed someone to talk to and Keira was a great listener! She was patient and very kind. She didn't rush me ...Read more

I felt very comfortable with her. Very calming environment, clean and smelled great! I have told family members, and they will be going to her next. When I left her office I felt such relief and peace in my heart. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a kind, and open counselor.

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