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The occurrence of codependency is not uncommon. Many families experience the difficulties of the codependent family member because loved ones continue to fuel the unwanted behaviors or addiction. While codependency commonly pertains to drugs and addiction, it can also result from poor relationship dynamics and the ability to live a healthier confident lifestyle.

What is the Codependent Personality?

Codependency in a relationship occurs when one individual in the relationship centers their entire identity on that of a partner. The signs of codependency include a lack of personal value or self-worth. There is a constant need to seek validation and confidence from the spousal partner or stronger person in the relationship. Many people will seek their own motivations and validations from their partner resulting in the denial of their own feelings and thoughts.

Co-dependency can vary from a lack of self-esteem and uncertainty to maintaining the addictive behaviors of a substance abuser. In many old age facilities and mental healthcare institutes, co-dependency is characterized by a person’s incapability of making their own decisions and leading an independent lifestyle. From a lack of self-esteem to the provision of unhelpful behaviors, a co-dependent relationship is a negative one and should be managed with the assistance of a licensed therapist.

The co-dependent relationship is common in instances of addiction. The cycle continues as the individual abusing the drugs or consuming too much food manipulates their partner into succumbing to the addiction. The individual provides the co-dependent what they desire and the cycle of abuse and addiction continues.

The Benefits of Codependency Counseling

Seeking a professional and an experienced therapist can provide a multitude of benefits for both parties involved. A therapist will intervene by addressing the behaviors and the beliefs contributing to a co-dependent dynamic. It is important that all parties become aware of the difficulties involved and the best steps needed to overcome a negative relationship.

A therapist works with both individuals in a co-dependent relationship. This includes the ability to build self esteem and to work on areas of their lives that are prevent them from making their own life choices.

The therapeutic process includes encouraging a loved one to be less dependent on you. It is important that the proper practices are delivered to ensure that you are provided the strength and the confidence to put an end to a co-dependent relationship. An experienced therapist will work with couples to help them achieve incredible results.

A professional practitioner will examine the mental health care needs of individuals in a co-dependent relationship. Where one person is treated for depression and anxiety, the other must be strong to avoid becoming a crutch. The professional can teach you the correct balance between loving support and maintaining a cycle of co-dependency.

It is important to seek the assistance provided by your professional therapist. Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching in McDonough, offers incredible solutions to help address the toxicity of co-dependence. With the correct support and understanding, working towards a balanced and stable relationship is a possibility.

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